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The new GX 1100 injection moulding machine predestined for larger packaging and logistics applications


Whether your production needs involve crafting bumper elements or small caps using high-cavity molds, the hydraulic GX series by KraussMaffei excels in both packaging and critical industries like medical technology and automotive. The GX 1100, the latest addition to this series, made its debut at a trade show.

This newest member of the GX series retains the well-established space-saving two-platen design, along with the dependable GearX and GuideX clamping components. It maintains its modular configuration and offers a wide array of equipment options, including the notably energy-efficient BluePower servo drive.

The introduction of the 11,000 kN clamping force size, is purposefully broadening the scope of our successful GX series with a specific aim. KraussMaffei foresees significant opportunities, particularly within the realms of packaging and logistics.”

Revolutionary speed option enhances productivity for GX 1100-12000

The GX 1100-12000 utilisation at the K 2019 trade show was truly remarkable. It involved the injection of 20-litre polypropylene buckets, each in two cavities, complemented by In Mould Labelling (IML) for decoration. This process resulted in a shot weight of approximately 1500 grams and an impressively swift cycle time of just 14 seconds. The GX machine’s speed option, with the ability to achieve injection speeds of up to 700 mm/s depending on the injection unit, further enhances the opening and closing movements, particularly beneficial for larger packaging with widths exceeding 350 mm, as emphasised by Dr. Hans-Ulrich Golz, President of the Injection Molding Machinery segment. This enhancement significantly reduces the dry cycle time by nearly half a second. When you consider this improvement over 8000 production hours a year, it becomes evident that the speed option can yield a total production of nearly 130,000 buckets.

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Injection moulding machine premiere

At the K trade show, KraussMaffei unveiled a new addition to their GX series – a model with 11,000 kN of clamping force. This larger model features a high-performance HPS barrier screw that is specifically designed for processing polyolefins. With a high L/D ratio of 26, this screw enables rapid melting and allows for high shot weights. In comparison to standard KraussMaffei screws, the HPS barrier screw delivers up to 40% higher plasticizing performance.

Revolutionising manufacturing: Digital solutions for unmatched precision and quality in IML Bucket production

Digital services comprehensively control and monitor the entire IML bucket manufacturing process. The APC Plus machine function delivers extreme consistency in component weight and high product quality by regulating the switchover from injection pressure to holding pressure, as well as the holding pressure level, on each shot. Additionally, the polypropylene dwell time in the plasticizing unit is monitored for the first time, ensuring high material quality. The DataXplorer provides detailed process insight by recording up to 500 signals every 5 milliseconds as continuous graphs – signals from the machine itself or specialized signals like mold cavity pressure. Digital information from injection moulding, automation, and peripherals flows into a new data collection point, enabling customers to specifically control and monitor production. Connecting to an MES system is also possible.

Premiere for smart operation

The GX 1100 is the first KraussMaffei machine equipped with the Smart Operation control option of the product brand NETSTAL. Presented at the Fakuma 2018 trade show, the function allows for a separation between the application development and the later operation of the machine in production. The user benefits from a simplified operation and further increases the efficiency of its production system.

What does the new GX 1100 injection moulding machine from KraussMaffei mean for the Australian Plastics Industry?

The new GX 1100 injection moulding machine from KraussMaffei can have a significant impact on the Australian plastics industry, particularly for larger packaging and logistics applications for several reasons:

Increased Efficiency: The GX 1100 is designed to offer high performance and precision, which can lead to increased efficiency in production processes. This can be especially beneficial for larger packaging and logistics applications where high production volumes are often required.

Cost savings: Improved efficiency can lead to cost savings in terms of reduced material wastage and energy consumption. This can be appealing to companies looking to optimise their operations.

Versatility: Depending on its specifications, the GX 1100 may be suitable for a wide range of plastic moulding applications. This versatility can be advantageous for businesses in the packaging and logistics sectors, as they may have diverse product lines.

Quality Control: The machine’s precision and advanced technology can contribute to better quality control, ensuring that the plastic products meet the required standards for packaging and logistics applications.

Competitive advantage: Companies that invest in advanced machinery like the GX 1100 can gain a competitive edge in the market by offering high-quality products with efficient production processes.

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