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The impact of OMAX water jet technology in remote areas


Small businesses in remote and isolated areas in Australia encounter unique challenges when it comes to sourcing specialised materials and components for their manufacturing operations. One obstacle is the difficulty in obtaining accurately cut steel plates exceeding a certain thickness. These robust metal plates are crucial for various industrial applications, such as mining equipment, construction projects, and heavy machinery repairs. BEZ Engineering connected with Headland Technology at AMW, and our experts understood the challenges and presented the OMAX Maxiem 1530 water jet machine as a technology solution. We interviewed Andrew Smith, Managing Director of BEZ Engineering, who oversees all business operations and financial aspects.

About BEZ Engineering: Bez Engineering is a family-owned and operated business that has been in Pilbara since 2000. The business was initially opened to service the Oil & Gas, Mining and Marine industries in the Pilbara region. The business has gone through many transitions over the years with a change of directors in 2023. The vision of the business follows Henry Ford’s saying “Quality means doing the right thing when no one is looking”. This mindset allowed Bez Engineering to be a leader in manufacturing quality products for fabrication, machining, design & engineering, coded welding & mechanical repairs in the Pilbara region. With 30 dedicated employees, the business has consistently prioritised quality, upholding the highest standards, ensuring exceptional outcomes for its clients. BEZ Website

The challenge:

BEZ Engineering is situated in a small remote city in WA, servicing the oil & gas, construction,  government, marine & mining sectors. Their options to source accurately cut steel plates thicker than 20mm were limited, especially after their supplier, a local plate cutter, closed in mid-2023. Consequently, 90% of their CNC cut parts had to be sourced from Perth, 1600 km away. This led to significant delays and increased costs for their projects. The vast distances and limited infrastructure in these remote regions create significant logistical obstacles, often resulting in delays, inaccuracies, or compromised quality in the delivery of these critical materials. This situation can have severe ramifications for small businesses like BEZ, impacting their productivity, timelines, and overall profitability.

The solution: The OMAX Maxiem 1530 water jet-cutting machine

The OMAX Maxiem 1530 water jet cutting machine proved to be a game-changing technology solution that addressed several challenges faced by their business and the broader Pilbara region. The OMAX water jet offered a comprehensive solution that filled a significant void in the regional market, providing exceptional cutting capabilities and versatility. The Maxiem 1530 displayed unparalleled cutting power and precision, allowing for the precise cutting of materials up to 200mm thick. The Maxiem 1530 water jet cutting machine tackles challenges such as power supply, precision, extreme temperatures, and dust mitigation, making it ideal for operations in remote areas like the Pilbara region. Opening up new growth opportunities for businesses by effectively addressing geographical and environmental constraints.

Quote from Andrew:

“We have had a great experience working with the Headland team from initial contact right through to after-sales support.”

The implementation

The integration of the new OMAX Maxiem water jet cutting machine into BEZ Engineering’s existing operations was a seamless process. The company already had a small CNC plasma cutter in operation and introducing the waterjet technology aligned well with their established workflows.

With the opening of Headland Technology’s new office in Balcatta, Western Australia, led by Jacques Strauss and his service team, we have become a valuable asset for this area and our customers.

The water jet machine expanded BEZ’s cutting capabilities by a factor of 10, virtually eliminating any previous limitations they faced. With the plasma and water jet cutter operating in tandem, the company can now take on a much wider array of jobs that require precise cutting of diverse materials.

Andrew Smith, Managing Director, gave us an insight into the OMAX water jet capabilities. Bez Engineering are very agile now and can promptly cut through various challenging materials like a 100mm thick GR 350 lugs, 40mm Bisalloy wear plates, and 10mm Teflon packers with high quality using the OMAX Maxiem 1530. Without this technology, the alternatives would have been less desirable – manual labour taking twice as long with lower quality or outsourcing to Perth with a substantial 5–7-day delay and cost involved.

Competitive advantage

Adopting the new technology allowed them to produce 90% of the cut parts they needed themselves. This makes them an industry leader and innovator, giving BEZ a competitive advantage by:

  • Transforming them into a one-stop shop for CNC cutting services in the Pilbara region. Many customers value the local capabilities and choose BEZ for all their cutting needs.
  • Letting BEZ offer more competitive pricing since they don’t have to outsource this part of the manufacturing process anymore.
  • Adding self-service cutting capabilities that provide convenience and flexibility.

Andrew also emphasised the significance of reliable support from technology partners especially when operating a geographically remote manufacturing business:

“Headland Technology has delivered exceptional aftermarket support, ensuring our machines operate at peak capacity. Their dedication to service has been indispensable in maintaining seamless operations, and we are grateful for their commitment to our continued success.”

Bez looking into a bright future:

Andrew explains:

“Over the next five years, I envision substantial growth and expansion for our business. Headland’s expertise and services could play a pivotal role in helping us achieve this vision. With our current waterjet machine operating at nearly full capacity, acquiring a second waterjet cutting system is a distinct possibility to meet the increasing demand. Headland’s guidance in evaluating the feasibility, timing, and implementation strategies for such an investment would be invaluable as we chart our course for the future.”

Are you navigating the challenges of operating in a remote area and want to bring additional capabilities in-house?

Look no further. Contact Headland today and tap into the expertise of our fabrication experts. Let’s collaborate and propel your business forward. Reach out now to get started!


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