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The Aerospace Industry Set to Grow by 3% in 2015

The Aerospace Industry Set to Grow by 3% in 2015

The global aerospace industry is expected to grow by 3.0 percent in 2015 due to the rising fortunes of the commercial aerospace sector. In a report by Deloitte the outlook for 2015 is positive with the “aerospace sector expected to sustain its significant revenue and earnings growth in 2015.”

In a recent article published on MindBench, Tom Captain from Deloitte says “The commercial aerospace sector is expected to set new records for aircraft production in 2015,”

According to the industry report by Deloitte, the steady growth the industry will face is due to increases in production rates “due to the accelerated replacement cycle of obsolete aircraft with next generation fuel efficient aircraft, as well as the continued increases in passenger travel demands.”

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2015 Commercial Aerospace Industry Trends

Strategy& have released their 2015 aerospace trends identifying that lower interest costs, crude oil pricing and lower carrier operating costs have done wonders for the industry. In the article they discuss the top six industry trends “commercial aerospace companies must make a concerted effort to understand — and adjust to — in order to get the most out of this extraordinarily strong mark.”

The six trends Strategy& cover are:

  • Rapid change in the supply chain
  • Importance of “should-cost” capability
  • Incremental approach to innovation
  • Bifurcated market
  • More predictable maintenance cycles
  • Aftermarket shifts

To read the full article, follow the link here.


Huge Potential for the Australian Aerospace Supply Chain

Australia’s $4 billion dollar Aerospace sector, boasting a high skills base and the “highest productivity levels within its region” according to a 2013 AusTrade Study, has drawn the attention of delegates from the Polish Aerospace industry.

Polish delegates visited in April to explore potential partnership opportunities with their Australian counterparts. Poland Aerospace industry rates within the top 10 globally and generates revenue of $1.5 billion.

This presents a substantial opportunities for Australia’s sector according to AusTrade, including access to a global supply chain and potential for collaborative R&D.

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META’s New Aerospace Hub

META announced a new aerospace hub in December 2014 that was set to help manufacturers tap into a $50 billion market. The hub “aims to increase Australian commercial aerospace exports by offering competitive solutions to international markets”.

For more information on the Hub click here.