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TECOI’s TRF PowerDrive for wind turbines and shipbuilding


Wind power is now a major and growing source of renewable energy. Large wind turbines with capacities of up to 6-8 MW are being installed in power distribution networks. More and more onshore and offshore wind farms are being connected directly to power transmission networks at the scale of hundreds of megawatts. As its level of grid penetration increases, wind power is having a significant impact on the operation of the modern grid system. To meet the demands of this growing industry, TECOI has released the TRF PowerDrive, the high-end version of its TRF machining centre. This specialised machine is capable of edge preparation with 115 kW milling power on each of its heads, allowing for maximum speed when processing up to 300 millimetres of thickness. Additionally, the TRF PowerDrive has been designed with a renewed, more solid structure, capable of withstanding the high work volumes it has been designed for. With years of daily experience working in the world’s most important shipyards and wind turbine factories, TECOI has created a product that is sure to exceed customer expectations.

The new horizons in power

TECOI’s high-capacity machining centre, TRF, has a new ally: the TRF PowerDrive. This first-class machine is designed to take the TRF’s performance even further, with the potential to mill and bevel edges of up to 300 millimetres. This makes it the ideal machine for industries that require quality joints and high capacity and performance, such as petrochemical, shipbuilding and wind power industries, both onshore and offshore. The TRF PowerDrive keeps the differential features of the TRF range, such as its double channel structure designed to mill and bevel simultaneously different geometries and its revolutionary CBM system, a TECOI patented technology that allows complex bevels in a single pass without deformation of the material or thermal input.

Hitting the benchmark

CBM (Chip-Based Machining) technology is a revolutionary process that enables parts to be prepared in a fraction of the time that traditional processes such as triple oxyfuel cutting and other portable systems take. This system has become the benchmark for quality, reliability, and production performance in the heavy boiler-making sector, as it can achieve results that no other process can match. The main advantage of CBM technology is that it is based mainly on machining by chip removal, allowing parts to be prepared in an extremely short time.

Extraordinary milling stability

TECOI’s latest model, the TRF PowerDrive, stands out for its increased power and advanced features. This machining centre integrates the most advanced real-time height control system on the market for this type of work, and its two independent drive units on each side of the gantry in the X-axis provide extraordinary milling stability. Furthermore, the TRF PowerDrive can incorporate larger diameter tools than its predecessors and any competitive machine, further reinforcing TECOI’s leadership in the edge preparation market.

Modern industry 4.0 software

TECOI has worked to improve its TRF range in many ways, including its 4.0 aspect. The TRF PowerDrive has exclusive software for production control that meets the requirements of modern Industry 4.0, allowing for the integration of different production phases with time and resource savings. Additionally, the PowerDrive has an automatic measuring and quality control system that ensures the best finishes in the shortest time. With the launch of the TRF PowerDrive, TECOI has answered the trust and requirements of its customers with a whole new horizon of performance and capacity.

Are you in the shipyard or wind industry and you’re looking for a custom machine?

Our Headland Technology experts are here to help you find the best manufacturing technology for your needs. If you would like to know more about TECOI’s latest model, the TRF PowerDrive, its increased power and advanced features, contact us today.


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