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TECOI’s TEKNOS is the ideal sheet metal solution for large custom dimension projects for steel service centres


TECOI’s TEKNOS is a large-format flatbed profile-cutting machine that boasts multi-processing capabilities and handles large dimensions with ease. This machine is specifically built to withstand heavy production demands in large dimensions yet keep quality cuts in high definition. This investment would allow you to increase capacity and reduce lead times for our value-added processes, leading to faster turnaround and time savings.  

When it comes to heavy-duty, high-definition cutting, TECOI’s TEKNOS is the industry leader in tailor-made sheet metal machinery. Able to perform drilling, milling, tapping & oxyfuel cutting, the different gantries of this TEKNOS work simultaneously and independently to optimise the job which makes it the perfect fit for steel service centres as well as steel metal fabricators. What really sets TECOI apart is its adaptability. The TEKNOS machine can be customised to fit your unique manufacturing needs, making the possibilities endless. 

TEKNOS is the ultimate multitasking machine for the steel service industry 

An ultramodern multi-gantry plasma cutting machine specifically developed to make the most of production processes! Its robust design uses rollers and recirculating balls and allows the machine to face heavy workloads. Additionally, its motor measurement system is absolute, ensuring the positioning accuracy of the entire machine. The TECOI TEKNOS is designed to meet every customer’s unique requirement while keeping the highest productivity standards. 

Introducing DRILTEC – TECOI’s latest innovation in drilling technology 

With a powerful 18 kW “S1″ motor and direct drilling capability of up to 40 mm (1.6”), this system is designed to handle high-capacity drilling with ease.  

TECOI’s guide systems come equipped with automatic lubrication to lengthen the life of the guides, while covered cable chains protect against friction, projections, impacts, dust, and more. Plus, their independent benches isolate the cutting table from machine movement axes, minimizing the transfer of impacts, vibrations, and thermal input. With a positioning speed of 40 m/min (130 ft) and an operating width of up to 16.000 mm (630″), the system is perfect for any job. Equipped with FANUC™ control and motorisation systems, including a touchscreen, absolute encoders, and fibre optic communications, this system boasts world-class accuracy and reliability. 

More optional features for TECOI’s TEKNOS machine  

The TEKNOS can be equipped with STOCKTEC, an automatic storage system to optimise the management of your metal plates. With the ability to supply material right away based on production needs, you can minimise non-productive and out-of-service times for your machines. Plus, the system is fully configurable to meet your specific needs by combining efficient bulk storage with single-sheet storage locations. 

This machine can also be outfitted with several marking options including plasma marking, laser marking, scribing, micro-percussion (Punchtec), and ink marking (Inktec). Individual parts can be market with text, numbers, bar codes, auxiliary lines, etc.  

The BEVEL ARC® is the ultimate solution for bevelling plates, tubes, and profiles. Its advanced technology ends the need for loops to recover position, except in geometries that require specific quality. The BEVEL ARC® guarantees high precision and quality, making complex bevels with incredible speed and an excellent finish. With an extraordinary inclination angle from -50º to +50º in just 1.2 seconds, it is the ideal equipment for any job.   

Are you a steel service centre or sheet metal fabricator looking to expand your capabilities?  

Our TECOI technology experts are here to help you expand your capabilities and find the right TEKNOS machine for your unique needs. Contact us to learn more and find out how we can help you.  


TECOI TEKNOS Product Brochure 2023

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