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Store More With a Hanel

Store More With a Hanel

Whether you are storing tooling, spare parts or finished products, or provide distribution warehousing in industries from manufacturing to the pharmaceutical industry – Hanel has a solution for you. They even offer smart office filing systems for space saving, and complete inventory management systems.

Warehouse racking is a common solution for office storage, and Hanel puts a twist on this time old necessity. The Rotomat Industrial Carousel, Rotomat Office Carousel and Industrial Lean-Lift are the three Hanel options available in Australia, all exclusively represented by Headland.

Saving up to 80% of floor space, Hanel has a range of ergonomic and safe options for vertical storage, using room height instead of floor space. If space is what you need, Hanel is what you want.

Hanel Storage Drawers
Hanel Storage Drawers

Using a microprocessor (MP) control system, the Hanel storage units can also integrate and communicate with your own company data, giving you accuracy, inventory and security management like never before.

Hanel Rotomat at TRUMPF

We recently visited TRUMPF Germany where they use the Hanel Rotomat to store their spare parts and tools.

Working off the Ferris wheel principle, the Hanel Rotomat range of storage units is an efficient organisation system. The vertical lift principle of the Hanel Lean-Lift provides extraordinary efficiency in space utilisation.

Hanel Storage for Tooling
Hanel Storage for Tooling

With no more bending or climbing ladders, Hanel vertical storage systems are a safer and more ergonomic approach for your storage requirements, where the item comes to the operator, not the operator to the item.

Flexibility as you need it

The Hanel range of vertical storage units feature:

  • Real time inventory management and traceability
  • Improved efficiency and staff productivity
  • Dramatically reduced floor space requirements
  • Safer OH&S environment by eliminating bending and ladders
  • Improved security and access controls
  • Temperature controlled models
  • Lockable compartments
  • Smooth action sliding doors
  • Environmentally friendly powder coating

Headland speaks to Hanel

Since the 1950’s, Hanel has stood for innovative solutions in automated records and materials handling. Today, they are one of the worlds leading providers in the industry and Headland is the exclusive representative of their vertical storage units in Australia and New Zealand.

Headland also provide Australia’s largest network of accredited service engineers to help with any of your Hanel moving, relocation or servicing needs. For more information on our storage system options, visit our website or contact Alan Barratt, our Hanel specialist on 0423 799 840 or AlanB@headland.com.au.