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Storage Solutions For Logistics & Distribution Warehouse

Storage Solutions For Logistics & Distribution Warehouse

Save You Warehouse Space with Automated Materials Handling Solution

Automated storage and retrieval system are being increasingly used within the Logistics and Distribution industry to enable seamless business operations.

Companies within the logistics and distribution industry need to provide an efficient and cost effective service through increased use of innovative operational and technological solutions such as Hänel automated storage and retrieval system.

It is becoming common within this sector to look at implementing automated storage and retrieval system as a newer solution rather than conventional systems in order to facilitate company growth. With increasing competition in Australia and New Zealand, differentiation is key.

  • Huge warehouse space savings with automated storage and retrieval system.
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS) for a bespoke integration.
  • Faster picking for a quicker despatch, using the ‘goods to man’ principle.
  • Pick-to-Light technology provides better accuracy of goods.
  • Inventory control with access code management.
  • Integrated camera technology allowing for accountability of all goods.
  • Straightforward warehouse distribution with multi-order picking and selection.
  • Warehouse consolidation with multi-site WMS.
  • Secure parts and tooling storage for assembly lines.
  • Store a variety of stock sizes and spare parts.
  • Electronics assembly and distribution.