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Storage Shelving For Energy & Utility Companies

Storage Shelving For Energy & Utility Companies

Energy and Utilities

Create a safe, future-proof operations

Innovation plays a key role within the oil and gas industry and across the wider energy supply chain. Storage shelving machines are essential for this industry due to their user-friendliness and efficiency.

Machines and systems need to be consistently up-and-running to provide energy and utilities. The process must be seamless, with access to tools and spare parts readily available. Security is crucial; machinery must be protected at all times. That’s where Hänel storage shelving comes to help! It will provide organised and secure storage ensuring maximum part availability with faster access to its parts.

More products in less floor space

Hänel storage shelving allows the operator to create a safe operation across the site, with features such as the high-speed roller shutter doors and access code management, allowing access to authorised employees only.

Industry Benefits:
  • Monitor acces, with journal logging and picture capture of all items retrieved.
  • Use barcode scanners for speedy retrieval of tools.
  • Multiple access and loading points are available for heavy equipment.
Industry Applications:
  • Store items under controlled conditions.
  • Store all sizes of tools and stock.