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STOPA’s Storage Solutions for Automated Production

STOPA’s Storage Solutions for Automated Production

How can STOPA’s Automated Storage Solutions Solve your Production Pain Points?

Have you won new business and your current manufacturing capacity is not sufficient? Is your current production equipment not fast enough anymore?

Frederik Troester, automated storage expert, found that in many cases the bottleneck is not your production capacity itself but your material handling.

This makes perfect sense when thinking of time-consuming material changeovers, long distances between machines and storage locations, and the waiting game for separate operators of forklifts and production machines.

STOPA’s automated storage solutions solve all this. The systems ensure fast and reliable material handling for maximum efficiency for your production. As a result, you can use your machines to their full capacity and save time, money and space.

The systems range from small to large, from automated to fully integrated. You can run these systems 24/7 and ‘lights out’ giving you extra production capacity for your factory.

Take your factory floor into the future

  • Increased machine efficiency: STOPA’s large-scale storage solutions allow for non-stop production by supplying your machines 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • No manual handling: Your production flow does not rely on manual material handling anymore which reduces your labour cost and increases production output.
  • Material transparency: Peace of mind for your business, if you are dealing with complex material environments that rely frequent and fast material changeovers in production.
  • Energy efficient: You can achieve up to 25% less energy consumption compared to conventional storage systems.

STOPA offers a wide range of storage system solutions for all business sizes

  • Tower Eco Plus Storage
  • Compact Series
  • STOPA Universal

From flexible, entry-level sheet metal storage to fully automated large-scale storage systems. Find out more about the full STOPA range here.

Our automated storage system experts, Frederik Troester and Piet Kerckhove, can help you automate your factory floor and find the right customised STOPA automated storage solution for your business needs.