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STOPA TOWER ECO Plus – Traditional racking vs STOPA Vertical Automated Storage

STOPA TOWER ECO Plus – Traditional racking vs STOPA Vertical Automated Storage

Save time and space the STOPA TOWER ECO Plus Way

Sheet Metal Manufacturers, if you’re analysing your factory efficiencies and questioning the cost and space of traditional racking, then these visual diagrams could help explain the time saved and space saved from incorporating a STOPA TOWER ECO Plus.

This sheet metal storage solution is ideal for companies that want their storage and retrieval systems to grow with their business.

Our vertical storage experts and application engineers can work with you and determine what storage and automation is needed now and in the future. Through this planning process we can identify what investment you can make now and what time and space savings can be made. As your business grows, we can add additional storage systems and options.

STOPA has over 2,000 systems installed the world over and has helped thousands of Sheet Metal manufacturers automate their factories to save time, space, money and improve the health and wellbeing of their employees.

Save Time – 30 minutes vs 4 minutes

In this diagram below, we illustrate the typical time it takes to locate the material for a particular job. The forklift driver, drives around to the racking, they may have to move other pallets to locate the material, then re-stack and then transport the material sheet over to the machine. This not only takes time it’s also less safe and ergonomic for employees. It also means that you may have no formal record of the material you have on hand. This may mean you don’t have the required material to complete the job which can hold up production.


STOPA ECO Plus saves time


Save Space – 30sq metres vs 8 sq metres

In this diagram below, we simply illustrate how the old racking not only takes more time to manage it also takes up a considerable amount of realestate. This is mainly due to the fixed height of the shelves. With the STOPA TOWER ECO Plus, these shelves automatically adjust to suit the material stored within each shelf. This maximises every inch of the vertical storage system.


STOPA ECO Plus saves space
STOPA TOWER ECO Plus saves space


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