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Stop Manual Loading with STOPA

Stop Manual Loading with STOPA

Stop Manual Loading with STOPA

The benefits of automating your production line are well known. The thing is, most companies feel like “it’s only for the big guys or it’s only for the high-tech companies”. However, STOPA makes it possible to automate your factory from day one.

“We are seeing many customers of late considering retrofitting the STOPA systems with their laser and bending machines (all brands types) ” says Frederik Troester.

The range of automated storage options from STOPA ensures the running of your machines is not reliant on fast moving forklifts or forward thinking team members, but on pre-programmed vertical storage systems that are in sync with your production machines.

STOPA not only prepares for the next job, it puts away parts processed parts and manages scrap metal or left overs. This also means that unmanned production can run with minimal supervision. Using your previous “downtime” for larger jobs, leaving the complex ones for the day shifts.

As the storage machines are talking to the production machines, jobs on the same material can be coupled together for optimised production.   If you do the planning and thinking up front, it will pay dividends later.

See the range of STOPA machines that can grow with your business and automate your factory floor into the future.

STOPA also offers a range of bar storage options.

Download our latest flyer on integrating your bending and laser machines with STOPA storage systems or contact our team of experts to walk you through the best options.

STOPA integration with laser and bending machines