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Spee3D Launches ‘Factory of the Future’ Hub

Spee3D Launches ‘Factory of the Future’ Hub

The Launch

Spee3D, specialised 3D metal parts printer, made its debut this week at Swinburne University of Technology as part of their new ‘Factory of the Future’ initiative.

This new hub will be a learning centre for students interested in Advanced Manufacturing & Design, and its inception highlights how Industry 4.0 is influencing third level education syllabi.

swinburne university of technology
Swinburne University of Technology

Byron Kennedy, CEO and co-founder of Spee3D gave a welcome speech to all who attended the launch, during which he introduced the Factory of the Future and the forces behind it: Swinburne University of Technology, the Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute (AMTIL) bodies, and respected academics Dr. Nico Adams, Director of the Factory of the Future and Associate Professor Suresh Palanisamy, Director of the Transport Innovation Centre.

byron kennedy spee3d
Byron Kennedy, CEO Spee3D


Main Aims of the Initiative

The main aim of these combined bodies is to create an advanced manufacturing ecosystem in Victoria helping both students in their learning journey as well as assisting local businesses compete on a global scale through the use of additive manufacturing technology.

According to Byron, the benefits of 3D printing are threefold – it helps to reduce labour, allows you to manufacture things in a new way, making them more competitive, and gives local businesses the opportunity to build a global presence.

Left to Right: Dr. Nico Adams Director of The Factory of the Future, Associate Professor Suresh Palalnisamy Director of the Transport Innovation Centre, John Croft Head of AM HUB AMTIL, Byron Kennedy CEO Spee3D

Spee3D chose to partner with Swinburne University of Technology to help local manufacturers with the R&D elements of their produce, and chose to partner with Headland Machinery for assisting in the selling of the 3D metal parts printer into Australia and New Zealand.

Build it Better Scheme

John Croft, head of the Advanced Manufacturing hub in AMTIL, spoke about his passion for 3D printing technology and how much it has advanced over the years, since he first saw a 3D printer in 1993. A lot has changed since then, with many manufacturers openly embracing the benefits of additive manufacturing.

john croft amtil
John Croft, Head of the AM Hub AMTIL speaking at the launch of The Factory of the Future

AMTIL have launched their own initiative known as the ‘Build it Better’ scheme, which assists Victorian companies who want to explore additive manufacturing technology. This grant programme started in February 2019, and provides companies with a $1.3 million budget spread over a 3 year period.

Round Three for applications to the Build it Better scheme open from August 19th to September 9th. If you are interested in learning more about this scheme, or wish to apply, please download the programme flyer here.

For further information on Headland’s range of 3D metal printers, take a look here.