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SOCO’s machine advantages of all-electric tube benders


SOCO’s All-Electric tube bending machines offer manufacturers numerous benefits, including enhanced production rates, higher accuracy, and quick setup. These machines are particularly well-suited for fabricators working with expensive materials and requiring a high degree of precision and those produced in small batches. In addition to improving the working environment, All-Electric tube benders are energy efficient and easy to program and automate.  

Efficiency solutions 

All-Electric tube bending machines offer a significant advantage over hydraulic and hybrid CNC tube benders. With the ability to produce up to 50% more parts, these machines deliver unmatched efficiency. The independent control of each axis by servo motors ensures high-speed operation and precise movement. By synchronising and optimising the speed and movement of each axis, cycle times are drastically reduced. Furthermore, these machines eliminate the impact of temperature changes and hydraulic leaks on speed variations.  

The Impact of an accurate system 

Electric servo-controlled systems offer several advantages over hydraulic machines. Unlike hydraulic machines, electric servo-controlled systems do not experience positioning variations caused by usage or the environment. Additionally, operators of hydraulic machines need to manually adjust positioning and forces applied, whereas All-Electric tube benders can be easily programmed to record and reproduce previously set positions and torque. This results in precise bending with tolerances as low as +/- 0.05 degrees.  

Producing more parts in less time 

With All-Electric tube benders, the operator can program optimal machine settings from the beginning. The initial part setup is much faster, and less labour-intensive, which in turn reduces “trial and error” wastage.  This is especially important for low-volume production, tight radius (1D) parts, or tubes with thin walls (under 1 mm), and parts with roll bending designs. SOCO’s i2 CNC Controls allow importing 3D CAD files and complete assembly models, as well as from CMM systems.  With tooling library functions and full bending cycle simulation, fabricators can program complex parts in less than 5 min.

Making a positive impact on the environment 

All-Electric tube benders are energy efficient, using minimal power while stationary, and only activating each axis when necessary.  Improved efficiency translates into lower carbon emissions and footprint. While hybrid and hydraulic systems produce various levels of pollution, All-Electric tube benders produce virtually no waste, providing a clean working environment. They are also silent, producing only 55-60 decibels of noise, like an office environment. 

Smart manufacturing automation solutions  

SOCO i2 Controls are designed to be Industry 4.0-ready, offering seamless integration and coordination of our All-Electric tube benders with other systems. This allows fabricators to create fully automated cells by connecting the tube benders to robots, seam detection, loading and unloading systems, punching, and cutting machines. With their customised solutions, SOCO supports manufacturers that require varying levels of automation.

Are you looking to enhance productivity and minimise downtime?  

Take the next step towards efficiency. Contact us today and consider All-Electric tube bending machines from SOCO.  


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