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SOCO Release New Tube Bender

SOCO Release New Tube Bender

SOCO have released their new SB-32X7A-2S-VU all electric left and right tube bender. This state of the art piece of machinery features “left and right bending technology for maximum flexibility and minimal interference”.

The new CNC Tube Bender is the right tool for creating intricate and complex parts and shapes. The machine combines “draw, roll and dual direction bending way technology. It has seven electric CNC axis, 2X2 bending stacks and uses SOCO’s unique Direct Gear Transmission technology”.

This new machine by SOCO is going to assist the automotive industry when creating complex shapes for exhaust pipes and is also used for manufacturing healthcare and fitness equipment.

SOCO have created an extremely efficient and easy to use machine that will provide the very best quality product for a variety of industries.

This new addition to SOCO can also be specially fitted with automatic loaders and automatic unloaders for full automation, making this one of the highest performing machines available on the market.