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Smart Warehousing: improve your warehouse’s productivity with automation 

Smart Warehousing: improve your warehouse’s productivity with automation 

Improving your warehouse productivity is simpler than you think – enter smart warehousing.

Have you really maximised your warehouse’s space?

There’s a reason cities are compact and that buildings stretch toward the sky, and that reason is land value. Land costs money, so if you’re looking to expand, the best solution is to go up where the space is free.

The same principle applies in a warehouse. The more vertical rather than horizontal space a warehouse can utilise the better, but there are usually four major impediments to the full utilisation of a warehouse:

  • Space: standard rack shelf heights don’t cater for different product heights, leading to significant amounts of wasted vertical space. Aisle space for forklift manoeuvring also takes up space that could be used more effectively.
  • Time: when vertical space isn’t optimised, the width of a building is, meaning employees spend a lot of time searching long aisles for products.
  • Capital: when a warehouse roof is high, high racks, if accessible at all, are only reachable  with a forklift, creating additional capital, training and time expenses for your business.
  • OH&S: accessing products at height, whether on a forklift or manually, creates OH&S issues. A person handling objects at height can risk injury, while walking in areas where fast moving forklifts are operating is also a potential accident in waiting.

But that’s the old way of managing and navigating a warehouse: inefficient with space, time, capital and carrying significant OH&S risks. Join the smart warehousing revolution to truly improve productivity.

The Hänel Lean-Lift Vertical Warehouse Storage system offers automated solutions and significant productivity improvements that will bring your warehouse operation out of the 20th century manual mode and into the 21st through the Internet of Things.

Watch our video to see how the Hänel Lean Lift will increase your floor space by 80%.