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How Your Sheet Metal Bender Is Adopting Industry 4.0 Technologies

How Your Sheet Metal Bender Is Adopting Industry 4.0 Technologies

The fourth industrial revolution is about technology, automation, and data. Cyber-physical systems, Internet of Things and cloud computing are industry 4.0 examples.  In “smart factories”, cyber-physical systems track physical processes. These systems create a virtual copy of the physical world, allowing decentralised decisions.

Every part plays a part in the success of your sheet metal bender.

For manufacturers, Industry 4.0 means modified work tasks. Your sheet metal bender is a strong member of your team. And your machine is also your success partner. Bending is sometimes like sport. If the machine passes you the ball, it’s easier for you to perform to your best. You get quicker and need less energy. Bending is much easier with a good machine and the right equipment behind you. TRUMPF TruBend machines adopt Industry 4.0 technology, helping you succeed.

Bending involves being part of a team.

Without sheet metal bender operators, even the greatest bending machine cannot deliver results. You are in charge. If you are on form, the machine can help you perform. A well-designed machine will help you stay on top. Be in a league of your own when it comes to bending. Be on top form with bending machines from TRUMPF.

Easy programming.

TRUMPF software provides automatic calculation of your bending programs within a few seconds. This includes real-time collision checks, dismantling of assemblies, and management of setup plans. You can program at your machine or in the workshop at your PC.

Transporting tools.

Carrying tools is tiring. A day at work can feel long when you are doing this. Especially if you produce small lot sizes and have to retool the machine again and again. Automatic tool changer to the rescue: quick and ergonomic access to tools. Reduce time in searching and transit due to the hydraulic tool clamp, even in the case of thin tools.

The smart way to help bending specialists.

Do you need to calculate the press force, side length, or die width? The TRUMPF BendGuide app manages this for you.

Gadgets galore.

In a rail on the press beam, there is a movable operating unit with the most important functions. This allows you to adjust the machine without having to run to and from the control panel.

Considerations for your health.

Do you have to process heavy and large parts? The handy TRUMPF bending aids make your work easier at angles up to 30°. There is also the option of automatic height changing. Is the noise hard on your ears? Not with our drive: the on-demand servo drive is quiet and, at 220 mm/s, also very fast. Fewer rejects means less overtime.

Accurate angle measuring systems.

You can determine the angle with precision and speed. This ensures that even the first part is a finished part. There is also automatic springback and sheet thickness information.

TRUMPF TruBend machines put you in a league of your own when it comes to bending. Produce high-quality bending results. You are doing something good for yourself. Many functions support ergonomics and operability.

Experience complete, automatic panel bending with TRUMPF’s TruBend 7030.

The TruBend offers flexibility and productivity during panel bending. Produce complex workpieces with your sheet metal bender. Produce components for an array of industrial purposes and applications. From delicate shrouds up to large-scale trays. The automatic tool changer and rotary part manipulator mean automatic production of parts.

  • The rotary part manipulator secures the blank. It rotates it to the required position.
  • Two axes, limitless possibilities. The 2-axis part manipulator positions the sheet metal and enables negative bends.
  • Precise angles. The first part is a perfect part, with the ACB laser.
  • TecZone Fold programming in the blink of an eye. The easiest and fastest offline programming: TecZone Fold.
  • ToolMaster Bend integrated tool changer. Automatic set up of the right upper blank holder tools.
  • Every component is under control. Various gripper systems help to hold the components.
  • Every bend is automatic with the innovative rotary part manipulator. It secures the blank and, if necessary, rotates it to the correct position at a speed of 118 in/sec. Your operator has a lighter workload. Operators are only responsible for loading and unloading. This makes the bending operation very productive indeed.
  • The automatic 2-axis part manipulator. This positions sheet metal for all bends, on every component edge. An extra height axis enables you to secure components in different positions. With this height axis, parts with negative bends are also unloaded with reliability. This increases your part flexibility. You can produce narrow profiles. Or produce components with many bends or formed sections. And even produce cutouts while maximising process reliability.

Angle drive.

  • The simple continuous path control and innovative angle drive ensures the greatest accuracy. Interaction between two axes provides the ideal traverse path. This protects the surface of your component. The drive design makes your TruBend machine very robust for everyday industrial applications.
  • The integrated tool changer, ToolMaster Bend. This sets up the right upper blank holder tools. It prevents setup errors, reduces setup times, ensuring cost-effective single part production.

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