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See the Light SPEE3D Metal Printer in Action

See the Light SPEE3D Metal Printer in Action


Light SPEE3D in Action!

See how SPEE3D’s innovative 3D metal parts printer takes care of your 3D printing needs. The video below demonstrates the LightSPEE3D machine printing a copper bracket at 1kg/2.2lbs in just 10 minutes!

Instead of using heat to fuse the metallic powder, the patented technology of SPEE3D consists of projecting the powder with its nozzle device, speeding up the air up to three times the sound’s speed.

The injected powders are deposited on a substrate attached to a 6 axes robot arm.

The pure kinetic energy involved in this process allows Light SPEE3D to bond the powders together to create a high density part with normal metallurgical properties.

Check it out below!

SPEE3D 3D Metal Parts Printer

spee3d metal parts printer

Spee3D is the world’s first metal based 3D metal parts printer which utilises the specific process of supersonic3D deposition. This technology manufactures fast, low-cost, near net shape parts suitable for commercial and industrial applications.

This 3D metal parts printer is ideally suited for producing parts currently designed for sand or die casting, the end applications include automative, mining, commercial, HVAC and industrial.

Experience the technology for yourself – Swinburne University of Technology recently launched their Factory of the Future hub which showcases various Advanced Manufacturing machines for both students and local businesses to learn more about 3D printing technology.

Factory of the Future launch
Left to Right: Dr. Nico Adams Director of The Factory of the Future, Associate Professor Suresh Palalnisamy Director of the Transport Innovation Centre, John Croft Head of AM HUB AMTIL, Byron Kennedy CEO Spee3D

Read more about the launch of the Factory of the Future here.

About SPEE3D

The winners of Bosch’s prestigious Venture Forum Award, Spee3D’s commitment to providing innovative technological solutions is clear. Their mission is to make manufacturing easier utilising 3D printing technology.

They do this by solving three key issues commonly experienced in relation to 3D metal printing – cost, speed and repeatability.

Both the Light SPEE3D metal printer and original SPEE3D metal printer are testament to SPEE3D’s expertise in the area.

Headland recently partnered with SPEE3D – read more about the partnership here.