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Hanel Rotomat vertical storage system: small parts vertical storage for the mining industry


Vertical storage systems like the Hanel Rotomat can play a crucial role if you are producing, assembling, and repairing steel structures for the mining and heavy industry.

These storage solutions enable the efficient organisation of tools, spare components, and materials. They improve the movement of materials between different locations efficiently while optimising space, especially premises within confined spaces and under low ceilings.

When these vertical storage systems are combined with inventory management Hanel software you gain complete operational visibility of all inventory-related activities.

Access your mining equipment part or tool, when you need them the most

Being a supplier in the structural steel industry, particularly catering to the mining and heavy industry sectors, the significance of having easily accessible supplies, tools, spare parts, and maintenance materials cannot be understated.

The availability of these resources plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning and productivity of operations.

With the nature of work in mining and heavy industry being inherently demanding and reliant on robust infrastructure, the need for readily available supplies is paramount.

Easy access to materials that are not always easy to store, including steel beams, plates, pipes, and fittings, is essential for constructing and maintaining structures. Access to tools and spare parts is also required for equipment repair and maintenance, to minimise downtime, and maximise efficiency.

Furthermore, the availability of maintenance materials, such as lubricants, adhesives, and protective coatings, is crucial for ensuring machinery and equipment longevity and optimal performance.

Tailor made vertical storage system

To address this demand, the Hanel Rotomat storage system emerges as an exceptional solution, offering comprehensive vertical storage capabilities tailored to meet your specific requirements.

This compact vertical storage system adeptly tackles the challenges associated with storing a wide range of production components, encompassing both small parts and their bulkier, heavier counterparts.

The primary objective of Hänel’s storage systems is to maintain a constant flow of production and timely delivery of goods, thus ensuring optimal performance, superior service, and high quality. However, the capabilities of the Hänel storage systems extend beyond these benefits. They also address the storage challenges from an on-site maintenance perspective, providing a hassle-free means of keeping spare parts readily available.

Think about vertical storage differently and revolutionise how you store and how you run your operations.

Get in touch with our vertical storage experts to see how we can store your specific equipment.

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