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Ronson Gears Diversifies their Business with STUDER

Ronson Gears Diversifies their Business with STUDER

Due to the challenging manufacturing landscape of recent times, Ronson Gears has concentrated on diversifying into a wider range of industries and capabilities. To support this diversification, they have invested in the best available manufacturing technologies and equipment.

Ronson Gears was established in 1954 and has gone from a manual gear manufacturing and machining shop to a CNC production facility with automation being a key focus.  They employee 37 men and women and are ISO9001 and AS9100C certified.

With a growing aerospace and defence industry, Ronson Gears have focused on developing relationships with some of the World’s largest manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers in this field.

(Boeing have announced a projected worldwide demand of over 38,000 new single aisle and wide body aircrafts over the next 20 years.)


To support their endeavours they achieved certification to AS9100C by enhancing and developing sophisticated manufacturing systems and verification processes.

The company also sought out a machine that will enhance Ronson Gears’ competitive advantage.  Investing in a Studer S145 internal and external cylindrical grinding machine, they are able to manufacture tight tolerance parts for any market.

Gavin New, (grandson to founder Ronald New) says the Studer has improved lead times and quality by bringing work back in-house.

“Typically we subcontracted all of our grinding work, but now with the Studer, bringing that work back gives us greater control over the throughput of work, quality and cost, which is already benefiting our existing customer base,” he says.

The investment of the S145 will allow Ronson Gears to tap into the growing aerospace market, and produce the quality of work demanded by this industry.

“We always endeavour to raise the bar from a quality perspective, that’s where the Studer  comes into play,

“There’s potential to win a substantial amount of work in the commercial aerospace market and by having the Studer S145, it gives Ronson Gears every chance to do so,”  Gavin says.   

“We invested in the Studer because they have the reputation as a market leader and after working with the machine for a few months now we can certainly understand why.”

STUDER has been synonymous with precision, quality and durability for decades. With 100 years experience producing world renowned machine tools, the STUDER S145 Internal  Grinding machine guarantees high productivity and production quality.

“Our investments enable us to manufacture products to a high standard, that continually exceed customers’ expectations,” Gavin says.  


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