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Adaptalift Group
Case Study

Removing challenges while moving towards warehouse automation


With the rise of business-to-consumer operations in today’s global industrial market, production and logistics management are crucial for meeting customer demands. Successful businesses are offering consumers the convenience of ordering anytime with fast deliveries. Warehouse automation has provided businesses with a competitive advantage, streamlining inventory movement with minimal human intervention.

Adaptalift was seeking a competitive advantage and turned to Headland Technology for a solution. We were able to eliminate labour-intensive tasks and repetitive physical duties and increase warehouse efficiencies.

About Adaptalift Group: Adaptalift Group, with its National Distribution warehouse located in Truganina Victoria and head office in Springvale Victoria, is Australia’s largest Australian-owned forklift company. They have over 500 employees across the country. With an extensive network of 11 branches and 32 service centres, they are well-equipped to cater to the needs of businesses, both big and small.

As exclusive distributors of renowned brands like Hyster, Yale, Combilift, and Kärcher cleaning equipment, they provide unparalleled support and service to our customers. With a rich history spanning over 42 years, founder, Peter Whiffen, a mechanical engineer, pioneered the design and manufacturing of forklift attachments and bespoke lifting solutions. Supported by MargaretWhiffen’s expertise in finance and operations, their business flourished.

Today, Adaptalift Forklift Rentals & Sales stands as a testament to their commitment to meeting the industry’s evolving demands. More about Adaptalift forklift hire and sales


Before the installation of the Hänel Rotomat unit Model 3260-825 a 9-meter unit, productivity was significantly impacted by the manual picking process in their expansive warehouse with long-span shelving. This resulted in staff spending a substantial amount of their workday walking to retrieve items. Additionally, the extensive racking system required considerable space, which was a constant challenge for Adaptalift due to limited availability.

The implementation of the Hänel Rotomat unit addressed these issues by streamlining the picking process and optimising space utilisation.

What was it that attracted you to the Hänel Rotomat?

We interviewed Jason Hodder, the General Manager – Parts, in charge of the national parts and warehouse division at Adaptalift. According to Jason, the key factors that make Hänel a suitable partner are reliability, support/back-up, and a proven track record. Based on his experience, Hänel has demonstrated itself to be a robust and dependable system.

How did your projects succeed using the Rotomat?

By drilling deeper and asking the right questions, we uncovered the true impact of the projects utilising the Rotomat technology. Jason replied:

“The results were astounding. We achieved massive space savings and increased productivity, allowing us to make better use of our undercover space for other areas of our business. This ultimately led to improved service levels for our customers. The Rotomat solved our challenges by revolutionising our processes and boosting productivity. The Hänel storage system played a crucial role in improving our order output from our distribution centre and reducing customer supply times. By eliminating waste in our processes, we estimate that we can double our output.”

Investing in a reliable system can yield significant benefits. When we asked Jason about the estimated payback, he confidently stated that it would take approximately two years to see the real value of this system. This demonstrates the potential for a quick return on investment.

We wanted to find out if he noticed any additional bonuses or values using the Hänel Rotomat system. Jason answered with confidence:

“The Hänel Rotomat system has proven to be a game-changer. Not only has it improved efficiency and productivity, but it has also had a positive impact on staff engagement and morale. Our employees are excited about the new innovations we are introducing and want to be involved. If you’re looking to boost your organisation’s performance and employee satisfaction, I highly recommend considering the Hänel Rotomat system.”

What do you value most in the partnership with Headland Technology?

Jason added:

“Having previously used Hänel for eight years, I can confidently say that my experience with their product and local Headland service support has always been exceptional. Therefore, I had no reservations about recommending Headland as a potential partner to Adaptalift’s Senior Management.”

He went on to say:

“From initial advising to quoting, installation, training and after support, my interactions with Headland have always been a great experience, which I am happy to recommend to others.” 

With the success Adaptalift have experienced, the implementation of the Rotomat from Hänel is a game-changer for their business.

Do you need to transform your warehouse operations?

Let’s explore potential solutions and take action to improve our warehouse efficiency and contact us today for a consultation.

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