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Case Study

Reliance Worldwide and their NTMX

Reliance Worldwide and their NTMX

Location: Brisbane
Manufacturers of water control equipment.

With outlets and factories located throughout USA, Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia, Reliance Worldwide (Brisbane factory) were searching for a machine to take them to the next level and secure a more competitive position in the water control equipment market.

We spoke to John Russell, Production Manager about their recent purchase of the Nakamura-Tome NTMX.

What was your main reason behind purchasing the machine?

“The main driver behind this purchase was to replace old equipment.  The NTMX was ideal as it offered us the capacity we needed, the versatility and also the precision of a quality 5-axis machining centre and a lathe, all in one”.

How has it changed the business in the short term?

“We have had the machine for a few months now and already you can see the benefits, we definitely have more projects completing on time with the increased capacity.

“We are currently using the machine in production and in the long term for some part-time tool making.”

What are the foreseeable long-term benefits?

“The versatility this machine provides us gives us the ability to make our own tooling in the long term, it will make things easier, more efficient and will allow us to be more competitive”.

About Reliance

Since 1949 Reliance Worldwide began its operations and pioneered the more to pressurised water heating systems in Australia. They use cutting edge manufacturing technologies and a relentless quality control program that sets them apart from their competition. They have operations in USA, Europe, Asia, New Zealand and Australia.

For more information, visit  relianceworldwide.com.au