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Case Study

Reduce part processing time with OMAX’s MAXIEM 1530 water jet


We present a case study on the impact of MAXIEM 1530 water jet on the efficiencies of Zenith Custom Creations, a steel manufacturing company specialising in custom parts for the transport engineering industry. Prior to the acquisition of MAXIEM 1530 water jet cutting machine, the company faced a significant challenge in the production process, where creating a single part would take up to a day and a half. This inefficiency led to a bottleneck in the production line, resulting in delayed delivery times and increased costs.

About Zenith Custom Creations

Zenith Custom Creations was founded by Craig Vanderstelt in 2001 as a one-man operation in a small shed. Since then, the business has expanded to six employees and an 800-square-metre workshop. Specialising in custom parts for the transport engineering industry, Zenith produces a variety of high-quality steel projects, including custom gooseneck trailers, semi-trailers, tilt trays, ute trays, truck trays, and more. Their welding experts are now certified to ISO 9606-2, enabling the company to deliver all aluminium welding to international standards. https://www.zenithcustomcreations.com

Customised parts and their manufacturing challenges

In every industry across the board, the demand for customised parts has increased and manufacturers must rise to the challenges. Regardless of how simple or complex the product is, mass customisation at mass production volumes is difficult and time is of the essence. Zenith Custom Creations was faced with bottlenecks and the length of the production time of these customised parts. They reached out to Headland Technology to address their production concerns and our team of experts quickly identified the root of the cause and shared their findings with Craig Vanderstelt, Director at Zenith Custom Creations.

Stunning results in the production line

Following our recommendations, Zenith Custom Creations acquired the MAXIEM 1530 water jet and witnessed a remarkable improvement in the production process and the time taken to manufacture a single part from 1.5 days to 30 minutes. The water jet technology allowed for faster and more accurate cutting of steel, resulting in a reduction in production time and an increase in the quality of parts produced. A piece comes off the machine and is finished, allowing them to use it instantly without carrying out a second process. This improvement in efficiency has had a significant impact on the company’s bottom line, resulting in increased profitability and a competitive advantage in the market.

Craig Vanderstelt Director at Zenith Custom Creations stated:

“We’ve got a real edge on our competitors now. Our waterjet means that we’re saving massive amounts of time and the finished product is better and more consistent. We can take on more work, diversify and produce way more in-house rather than having to send parts out for the next process.”

The overall conclusion

The MAXIEM 1530 water jet cutting machine has been a valuable addition to Zenith Custom Creations workshop, joining their sheet metal guillotine, pan brake folder, and hydraulic cropper and punch machines. Since its arrival, the need for the guillotine has decreased as the waterjet can mark the material, making folding easier and resulting in more consistent jobs. Overall, the investment in the MAXIEM 1530 has provided Zenith Custom Creations with a competitive edge in the transport engineering industry.

Customer and supplier relationships are key

Zenith prides itself on the longevity of their customer relationships. Renowned for their excellent reputation within the industry, their fine craftsmanship and high-quality produce contribute to the company’s success.

Craig explains:

“The training and support we’ve received from our supplier, Headland, has been awesome. We chose OMAX due to the high quality, user-friendly controls and variety of upgrade options – and knowing that we’ll have prompt support from Headland if and when we need it only makes our experience better.”

Interested in improving your efficiency?

We understand the importance of increasing profitability in your manufacturing process, and our team is dedicated to helping you achieve that. Please don’t hesitate to contact Headland Technology and our water jet experts today to learn more about how we can assist you.


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