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Ramp Up Your Productivity with the Makino a51nx HMC

Ramp Up Your Productivity with the Makino a51nx HMC

Discover how the a51nx horizontal machining center can transform your shop into a productivity powerhouse with rapid ROI.

Meet the class leader among 400mm 4-axis horizontal machining centers — the Makino a51nx.

With its exceptional rigidity and robust spindle capabilities, the a51nx offers reliable and versatile performance for efficiently machining both ferrous and nonferrous materials.

Its generous axis travels accommodate a wide range of parts, and more parts per fixture, achieving maximum workspace utilization.

Its low maintenance design, enhanced speed and advanced motion control software provide the highest degree of efficiency for eliminating non-cut time.

For the optimum machine utilization, the a51nx provides an automation ready platform and field retrofittable options to help you meet your customers’ ever-changing requirements.

Ramp up your production with the a51nx, and discover how you can tear through orders and grow your business today.


Take a look at the video below!


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