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Case Study

Ramage Sheetmetals: Innovation and efficiency with TRUMPF TruLaser 5030 Fiber Laser


Ramage Sheetmetals, a leading sheet metal manufacturer in Hawke’s Bay, recently upgraded its cutting capabilities by partnering with Headland to implement a TRUMPF TruLaser 5030 fiber. This new technology has enabled Ramage to improve productivity, efficiency, and quality – cementing its position as an industry innovator.

About Ramage: Ramage Sheetmetals has been trading for over 70 years in Napier New Zealand, with over 30 of those under its current owner Ross Frechtling’s direction.

In 2008 Ramage Sheetmetals moved from its original Mersey Street location in Pandora, choosing to move into its larger, current premises in Lipton Place Onekawa. 2013 Daniel Lincoln was introduced into the company as GM and under his direction the company has moved into the CNC market.

Ramage Sheetmetals has always serviced the industrial hubs of the Greater Hawkes Bay area. Offering prompt service and a great job at the right price has seen the company grow to one of the leading sheet metal firms in Hawkes Bay. And thanks to our distribution partners we can service industry across the country and now include clientele in a variety of locations in both the North and South islands.

The Challenge

As demand grew, Ramage struggled with slower speeds, inconsistent quality, and higher operating costs with their legacy CO2 TRUMPF. They needed a solution to boost productivity and capabilities while delivering faster, high-quality results.

The Solution

After assessing the options, Ramage selected the TRUMPF TruLaser 5030 fiber laser supplied by Headland. The 5030 provided best-in-class speed, precision, and efficiency – perfectly suiting Ramage’s needs. Headland collaborated closely with Ramage, providing in-depth consultations to ensure the system integrated seamlessly with existing operations.

The Results

The TRUMPF TruLaser 5030 fiber cutting machine has been transformative for Ramage as it offers you the most economical solution for highly efficient, thin sheet metal cutting. The productivity and speed improvements have increased output and allowed Ramage to take on more complex, high-value projects. Previously impossible materials like 32mm carbon plates can now be cut cleanly and precisely.

The TRUMPF TruLaser cutting machine offers efficiency and has also reduced operating costs, saving significantly on gas and electricity. Uptime has improved as well, with the fiber laser reliably handling large volumes of work. Feedback from customers highlights the positive impact on product quality and lead times.

Competitive advantage

With their new cutting-edge capabilities, Ramage has cemented their reputation as an innovative leader able to take on challenging, high-precision projects across a broader range of materials. This key competitive advantage allows Ramage to differentiate in their market.

The importance of support ongoing technical support from Headland has been critical in maximising the benefits of the new system. Headland’s rapid remote troubleshooting capabilities minimise downtime, while their expertise helps optimise the use of the 5030’s advanced features.

Key takeaways

For organisations considering similar technology, Ramage GM Daniel Lincoln emphasises assessing workflow and planning integration in advance. He highlights that Headland Technology listened closely to understand Ramage’s needs, resulting in a machine perfectly suited to their business.

Overall, through partnering with Headland and implementing the TRUMPF TruLaser 5030 fiber laser cutting machine, Ramage Sheetmetals has taken a transformative step forward in innovation, efficiency, quality, and capabilities – cementing its pole position in the market.

As a last remark Daniel added:

“We never would have been able to cut these with a Co2 machine. A lot of other fiber machines would not be able to cut these either. I explicitly set the machine based on what we needed here and it’s done exactly what we asked of it, expected it to do. You can’t ask for more than that!”

We also like to thank Daniel Lincoln for the interview.

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