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Productivity Gains with Warehouse Automation

Productivity Gains with Warehouse Automation

When it comes to traditional warehouses there are three main areas to consider

  1. Space Utilisation

A key area for improvement as traditional racking solutions often use or waste a lot of space:

  •  Aisle requirements for forklift access
  • Standard rack shelf heights do not cater for different product heights
  • Racks often do not use the full warehouse height available, or if this is the case the higher levels can only be accessed by forklifts which result in additional capital expenses, time requirements and potential OHS issues

2. Order picking time requirements

  • A major drawback of traditional racking solutions is the time required for the warehouse staff to navigate and walk through the aisles of the warehouse to find and retrieve items and then to bring them to the dispatch area.
  • Speaking to warehouse operators this is a major concern. Employees are spending hours and walking many km per month just to retrieve goods from the long aisles of their warehouses.

3. OHS risks

Two key OHS risks are present with traditional warehouse management

  • Employees operating forklifts and other large equipment in condensed spaces poses a risk
  • Employees being required to perform unergonomic handling operations exposing them to injuries

If you are interested to learn how you can improve your warehousing processes, contact our in-house storage expert, Frederik Troester.

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