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Process Faster and More Accurately with Hanel

Process Faster and More Accurately with Hanel

Working in the medical industry demands a clean and sterile working environment, coupled with the equipment needed for safe and hazard-free storage.

One of Headland’s customers is one of Australia’s fastest growing healthcare companies, specialising in the supply of medicines and medical technology to pharmacies, public and private hospitals and health care professionals across Australia and New Zealand.

Over the last few years, the medical industry has become increasingly more rigid and regulated, meaning the need for increased efficiency, repeatability and accuracy has never been more important.

Having a highly processed operation and having to check and validate at every stage is important for a smooth running workday.

Hanel Vertical Storage Systems can store raw ingredients used to make up different ingredients according to the individual patients requirements. Having easy organisation through the Hanel system means that orders can be processed quickly and most importantly, accurately.

Additionally, Hanel systems are also temperature controlled and secure, with only one operator accessing the distribution list during the processing stage.

Committed to ensuring best practice treatment for hospitalised patients, Hanel Vertical Storage Systems are moving towards a more semi-automated process, incorporating more robots to handle and combine ingredients, making it safer and more consistent for operators who suffer from RSI.