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October Machine Tips

October Machine Tips

The Importance of Preventive Maintenance Leading up to Christmas

A structured Preventive Maintenance is the best way to maximise the return on your company’s investment.

At Headland Machinery, we specialise in such services, with our team of 25 qualified service engineers we regularly check a vast array of equipment for hundreds of companies across New Zealand and Australia.

Before you close down for Christmas, make sure you plan a check over your machinery to ensure that it is in optimum condition for the new year.

We’re getting busy already, so ensure you get in touch on 1300 138 285 or service@headland.com.au as soon as possible to arrange your PM.

Laser Machine Tips

1. Running a Focus Comb Program for your Laser

This will ensure a safe, consistent and high quality output from your Laser Machine.

How to run a focus comb program:

To ensure consistent, safe & high quality production, remember to reset your machine’s focal offset to the datum whenever a lens is cleaned or replaced. There are many ways to determine this, depending on machine vintage.

Whether it is set via Low-power marking (Plasma search method), Kerf-fitting, or Focus Combs – our technicians can advise and provide training to help you eliminate one of the most common causes of poor cutting.

2. Beam Alignment

Suffering directional cutting problems on your laser?

A common and often misunderstood cause is poor beam alignment. Laser operators’ standard procedure is to center the beam through the nozzle tip at low power with sticky tape.

Though the laser is focussed through the centre of the nozzle, a poor beam alignment causes the focussed beam axis to shift slightly, as illustrated in the image below.

The asymmetry in laser energy through any material with a poor beam alignment has a greater impact in cutting different directions than a poor tapeshot.

Our Service Technicians are specially trained with all machine variants and can provide accurate resolve to any specific cutting issue on all models of TRUMPF Laser.

preventative maintenance

3. Waterjet Machine Tips

For better abrasive waterjet cutting, ensure you read this month’s five tank tips from OMAX for better abrasive waterjet cutting.

Upcoming events at Headland

This year’s Oktoberfest event will be held on Thursday 26 October 4-8pm. Places are limited, so make sure you register here.

Prior to Oktoberfest, this year we are holding a Warehouse Distribution Productivity Hour from 3pm, where you will find out how vertical storage combined with NetSuite cloud software is increasing employee productivity. Register here.