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Case Study

Precision and Accuracy in Architectural Metalwork

Precision and Accuracy in Architectural Metalwork

Architectural metalwork is becoming more prominent in construction in today’s society. The intricate designs created using innovative technology is amazing to see. Through ongoing maintenance and specialist training, fabricators are learning to use this high-tech technology to create works of art.

Laser technology is becoming more prominent in this industry, with a number of fabricators investing in this technology to expand their service offering. Businesses utilising innovative machinery often look to experts like Pierre Van Der Merwe, a service engineer at Headland Machinery, for advice and technical support.

Pierre Van Der Merwe has 10 years experience servicing machinery and he believes that providing the right service to customers is necessary to increase their production and minimise downtime.

“The customer trusts us to advise on the best way to do things as well as providing the best advice on the machines,”

“I support my customers by providing technical support and advice to them about the machine as well as offer advice on streamlining processes”, he says.

Architectural metalwork requires skills as well as the right technology to produce a quality product; with newer machines enabling precision and accuracy. Modern technology is providing businesses with a means to create products quickly and efficiently.

“Technology has enabled automation of the machines which speeds up the process and reduces labour costs,” Pierre says.

“The quicker the machine,  the quicker you can get your product out,

“The more accurate, the more intricate the part,” he says.

Modern building designs are challenging fabricators to create unique and intricate designs. It is with the help of innovative technology and the skills and expertise of service technicians, like Pierre, that enables these designs to come to life.

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