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Perfect Cutting Results With Genuine TRUMPF Lenses

Perfect Cutting Results With Genuine TRUMPF Lenses

We have what you need

To ensure perfect vision for your machine, we offer genuine first-class quality TRUMPF lenses, specifically made with your machine requirements in mind.

TRUMPF lenses promise perfect cutting results with maximum part quality. You will also benefit from:

  • Reliable cutting results with perfectly designed lenses for your TRUMPF machine
  • Ideal functionality of all machine options like LensLine and PierceLine as the TRUMPF lenses are matched to the TRUMPF technology tables
  • TRUMPF lens warranty three months from installation. Enjoy free replacement in case of disturbances or tensions
  • TRUMPF machine warranty. Be protected in case damage is caused by a defective TRUMPF lens

Did you know?

The lens has a large influence on the cutting quality of your machine. It is responsible for the focal position of the laser beam and its constancy. The focal position has to match the material type and thickness to gain high quality cutting results.

The machine cutting parameters are matched to genuine TRUMPF lenses and are automatically modified to suit the material type and thickness for the perfect focal position, giving you the best results.

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