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Pedal to the Metal: New Touch Industries Maximise Machine Productivity with TruTops

Pedal to the Metal: New Touch Industries Maximise Machine Productivity with TruTops

New Touch Growth Demands IoT Investment

When New Touch Industries started as a laser-cutting and fabricating business in 2001, it was a two-man operation. Today, the business has grown to become a leader in the laser-cutting and fabrication industry, employing 65 people and servicing not just local businesses in Victoria, but businesses Australia-wide.

Located in Bayswater and Clayton South, New Touch Industries’ facilities operate 24 hours a day, with 6 machines in operation to meet client needs. Whether it’s bending & folding sheet-metal into complex or intricate shapes, welding stainless steel or polishing a product, the machines are essential to the business’ success.

TRUMPF Technology the Way Forward for New Touch

Despite the fact that New Touch’s profitability was dependent on their machines working to full capacity, until recently they had no visibility of their work centres, how to maximise the productivity of their machines, or how efficient their people were on the factory floor.

“In the sheet metal business, visibility of key production metrics is critical to delivering efficiencies. It’s common sense, but prior to TruTops Monitor it was difficult to get a handle on.”

Brad Drury, Managing Director of New Touch Industries

It was then that they looked to a technology solution that could deliver that information, TruTops Monitor – machine monitoring software developed by TRUMPF.

Transforming the Production Process with TruTops Monitor

TRUMPF TruTops Monitor allows the user to record and analyse machine data; such as idle states, error messages, malfunction causes, breaks and maintenance periods so you always have an understanding of the status of your machines within the production process.

“Before implementing TruTops Monitor we had reports on ‘Beam on time’ for measuring efficiency. But what we couldn’t measure was the speed our machines were running at; they might have been running at quarter, half or full speed, so they weren’t actually that efficient at all,” says Brad

With New Touch Industries’ ability to measure each work station and understand how to maximise unutilised capacity, they have been able to improve their production capacity by over 50%.

“Businesses that are investing in leading-edge machinery and technology cannot achieve the real benefits without systems like TruTops Monitor or TruTops Fab in place,” emphasises Brad.

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