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Case Study

OzPress’ New Makino DUO64 Wirecut Machine

OzPress’ New Makino DUO64 Wirecut Machine

Headland interviews Luke Dwyer, Production Manager at OzPress on his recent purchase of the Makino DUO64.

The Makino DUO64 Wirecut Machine

Ozpress recently purchased a Makino Wire Cut machine, the DUO64 for processing their press tools and to keep up with increased demand from Toyota to maintain their stock levels. ‘The key benefits we will see is the increase in speed and accuracy for our wire cutting function. And with such tight deadlines, we need to ensure we have the support Headland provides to minimise downtime.’ Dwyer says.

Features list of the Makino DUO64

  • 30% fast cutting
  • 60% less wire consumption
  • 20% reduce in floor space
  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Ease of operation
  • Dual wire guide options
  • Duo spark generator
  • Dual anchored ball screws
  • Dual high pressure flush pumps

They employ over 20 employees and have recently been working on a new factory to house their expanding business.

Dwyer states ‘The new factory will just make things so much easier, we run on a U shape flow with first in, first out principles, so it will give us more room to set this up more effectively.’

They strongly focus on continual improvement with ensuring employees are aware of the cost of items.

‘even things like gloves, it amazing how much they cost and as we made people aware, we have seen a dramatic reduction in these costs, it all helps.’ Dwyer comments.

About Ozpress

Ozpress have over 30 years experience in manufacturing metal pressings and assemblies with pressing capabilities 15 to 400 tons. They service the automotive industry, predominantly Toyota. They are committed to quality with ISO accreditation and have received a Toyota supplier award yearly, since 1997.

Read more about Ozpress at www.ozpress.com.au

For more information about our range of Makino Wire EDM machinery, please contact us. To read more about the Makino Duo 64, visit the Makino website.