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Optimising tool storage for aerospace industry with Hanel Lean Lifts
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Case Study

Optimising tool storage for aerospace industry with Hanel Lean Lifts


In the competitive aerospace industry, precision machining companies need to adhere to stringent standards regarding safety, quality, dependability, and the efficiency of its operational processes such as managing warehouses and storage. This case study explores how Dae Heung, located in Siheung, South Korea addressed its storage challenges with the integration of Hanel Lean Lifts, resulting in significant improvements in space utilisation and operational efficiency. 

About Dae Heung Co., Ltd.: Dae Heung Co., Ltd., stands as a leading firm in the field of precision machinery, providing all-encompassing services from the conceptualisation to the production of machine components. They serve a wide range of industries within the aerospace sector, including but not limited to, communications, optics, radar, and the assembly of chassis parts. This includes moving to the Sihwa National Industrial Complex in 1994 to set up their precision processing research and development centre in 1997. In 2008, they introduced an innovative coating facility. Their drive for excellence persisted with the accreditation under the National Aerospace & Defence Contractors Accreditation Program for coating in 2014 and the launch of our Dongtan operation in 2017. Dae Heung website


Dae Heung Company has been a key player in precision machining since its founding in 1985. The company is renowned for developing and manufacturing high-precision parts and components. Regardless of its advanced capabilities, Dae Heung faced significant challenges in tool and equipment storage.  

Before integrating Hanel Lean Lifts, Dae Heung’s storage methods were inefficient and inadequate. The company used basic shelving systems and stored tools on pallets around the machines. This approach consumed considerable space and left tools unprotected, often leading to soiled or lost equipment. The inefficiency in tool retrieval also resulted in wasted time and productivity losses. Recognising the need for a more effective storage solution, they decided to find a better way to manage their expensive tools and equipment. 


Dae Heung turned to Hanel for an automated storage system based on a recommendation from another reputable machine supplier 5 years ago. Initially, they purchased two Lean Lifts to test the effectiveness of the storage solution. The positive results have been immediate, prompting the company to progressively implement more Lean Lifts in various departments. 

The Hanel Lean Lifts provided a compact and secure storage solution which addressed all of Dae Heung’s previous challenges. By storing tools and heavy equipment in Lean Lifts, the company significantly reduced the space required for storage. This optimisation not only freed up valuable floor space but also allowed for the installation of additional processing machines, enhancing overall production capacity. 

Each Lean Lift was equipped with an integrated warehouse management system controller, enabling streamlined warehouse management. This advanced system facilitated the efficient organisation and retrieval of tools, thereby minimising the time employees spent searching for equipment. The use of plexiglass front parts on the machines added a visual element for demonstration purposes, showcasing the neat and organised storage solution. 


The implementation of the Hanel Lean Lifts was carried out in stages. Installed five years prior, their effectiveness led to the initiation of a larger order for three more units, the Lean-Lift 1860-825 series. This expansion aimed to further optimise the general equipment warehouse, making it more effective and compact. The implementation process was seamless, thanks to the support from Hanel’s local sales partner, which ensured smooth integration and operation of the new systems. 

With a total of 12 Lean Lifts now in operation, Dae Heung has transformed their tool and equipment storage into a highly efficient, space-saving, and organised system. The company no longer deals with soiled or lost tools, and employees can quickly and easily access the equipment they need, boosting overall productivity and efficiency. 

Future outlook

The partnership between Dae Heung Company and Hanel has set the stage for a brighter future, empowering the company with the ability to grow and expand its operations seamlessly. The implementation of Hanel’s Lean Lift systems has not only optimised tool storage and management but also unlocked valuable space for future expansion. With their valuable tools and equipment securely protected, Dae Heung Company can now focus on leveraging the newfound efficiency and productivity gains to drive growth and explore new opportunities.  

Are you encountering storage limitations and seeking to improve space utilisation and operational efficiency? 

Contact our automated storage experts to discover the ideal automated storage solution for your needs. 

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