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OMAX Waterjet Optimisation After a Power Outage

OMAX Waterjet Optimisation After a Power Outage

Restoring your Waterjet After a Power Outage

Power outages – they happen to all of us. But what happens when your OMAX Waterjet machinery is affected? How should you deal with it?

Our in-house Waterjet expert Matthew Weaver takes you through the crucial steps needed to take when restoring your Waterjet cutting machine after a power outage, in the video below.

Matt has 20 years experience with OMAX Waterjet machines, and has previously designed systems for various UHP applications.

Fun Fact: Matt operated the first international OMAX Waterjet!


More about the OMAX Abrasive Waterjet




The OMAX waterjet is renowned for having the fastest cutting speeds and highest precision compared to any other waterjet in the industry.

It is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing machining processes, with users receiving a number of benefits from the machine, including accuracy, precision and reliability.

This user-friendly machine boasts a robust design that provides tight tolerance cutting and steady operation. The seamless cutting process leaves behind a satin-smooth edge, reducing the need for further cutting procedures.

With no tool changes required and minimal fixturing, setup times are greatly reduced.

What’s more is it’s great for the environment too – the machining process does not produce any noxious fumes, liquids or oils. It also uses natural garnet abrasive and water throughout the cutting process.

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