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OMAX Waterjet Maintenance Tip – The Crankcase in your Direct Drive Pump

OMAX Waterjet Maintenance Tip – The Crankcase in your Direct Drive Pump

Direct Maintenance Tip from OMAX

This is an important follow-up on a Maintenance Tip from last year concerning the crankcase in your direct drive pump.

As we pointed out last year, the crankcase on your OMAX abrasive waterjet is an integral part of the top performance of your ultra high-pressure pump.  Your OMAX User’s Guide calls out non-detergent motor oil for your crankcase, and I simply cannot stress how important it is that you only use the recommended oil.

Here is a photo of the dip stick, after Shell Helix HX7 synthetic oil was used.  I have a great video after only one hour of operation.

Waterjet Crankease

Synthetic oil must never be used in your pump’s crankcase.

Non-detergent oil has additives that reduce friction.  The reduced friction makes the crankcase run cooler (at 85°C).  Synthetic oil does not contain these additives, and so the crankcase runs very hot (about 150°C) and the synthetic oil turns to sludge.  Sludge in a crankcase is not healthy.



Remember, the crankcase does not have a filter and for that reason the Original Equipment Manufacturer and OMAX recommend that you only use non-detergent oil.  Non-detergent oil does not foam, so debris can settle in the bottom of the crankcase, allowing the debris to flow out when the oil is changed.

Remember to change your non-detergent oil every 300 hours.  If you are having trouble finding non-detergent oil, please contact your local Distributor for help finding a supplier near you.

Have I said non-detergent oil enough times?

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