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OMAX OptiMAX: Water jet cutting machine for metal, glass, stone and more


OMAX Corporation, a subsidiary of Hypertherm, proudly introduced the OptiMAX, a ground-breaking advancement in high-performance water jet technology. Representing the culmination of three decades of engineering prowess and user feedback, the OptiMAX heralds a new era for manufacturers seeking efficient, user-friendly cutting systems that reduce reliance on highly skilled operators.

This state-of-the-art water jet system is tailor-made for manufacturers aiming to enhance their operational capabilities and efficiency. It harnesses the power of OMAX’s cutting-edge software and incorporates advanced automation, ensuring maximum uptime and accelerated production of finished products. Here are the key highlights of the OptiMAX:

About OMAX Corporation: Based in Kent, Washington, OMAX Corporation is the leading manufacturer of advanced abrasive water jet systems. The company designs water jet systems that feature intuitive software, efficient pump technology, and a wide range of accessories. OMAX Corp. has developed the OMAX, MAXIEM, GlobalMAX, and ProtoMAX brands offering a full spectrum of water jet machine tool capabilities. The ISO 9001:2015 certified company designs manufactures, assembles, and tests components as a complete system to ensure optimum performance. OMAX Corp. also has the most comprehensive service and support network in the water jet industry to keep its customers ahead of the manufacturing curve. OMAX Corp. is a Hypertherm Company. www.omax.com/en


Introducing the OptiMAX precision system

IntelliMAX premium software: This intuitive software simplifies operation and ensures rapid production of parts. Drawing on decades of proprietary water jet cutting models, it stands as a pinnacle in consistent and speedy part production.

IntelliVISOR console: Equipped with essential metrics for operational optimisation and comprehensive system monitoring, the IntelliVISOR console helps pre-empt unplanned downtime.

EnduroMAX pump: The EnduroMAX pump automatically sets the correct pressure, reducing fluctuations and extending component life. It boasts the most efficient waterjet pump technology in the market.

IntelliTRAX drive system: This advanced motion control system enhances system robustness and reliability, with minimal maintenance compared to conventional drive systems.

New garnet delivery system: Designed to minimise downtime further, the OptiMAX’s garnet delivery system ensures continuous, uninterrupted operation.

Incorporating an optional Tilt-A-JET taper compensation head, the OptiMAX water jet line is renowned for its precision and accuracy, making it the most accurate system available today.

Arion Vandergon, Waterjet Product Marketing Manager, commented:

“The OptiMAX represents the pinnacle in abrasive water jet cutting. It leverages OMAX’s three decades of experience to deliver the most capable and efficient water jet cutting system on the market, ensuring optimal cutting outcomes for our valued customers.”

As with all OMAX systems, OptiMAX products come with comprehensive after-sales service, free unlimited training, software upgrades, and a range of efficiency-focused resources to maximise uptime and support customers in their cutting endeavours.

Are you a manufacturer looking for the latest and greatest in innovative and efficient water jet cutting machine technology?

Our OptiMAX experts are ready to provide you with the ultimate solution that will enable a new level of accuracy and efficiency for your manufacturing requirements.



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