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NextService: Cloud Based Field Management System

NextService: Cloud Based Field Management System

One of the most common problems faced by service companies is how to manage their asset from a remote location. Especially in a national or worldwide business, it is difficult to solve a problem if you don’t have access to the complete account history.

Introducing NextService 

NextService is that solution your business has been looking for, offering the first 360-degree view of your customers account. Including all sales, service, marketing and finance activities, NextService offers one system for one global view across all aspects. 

Integrated with NetSuite, you will have total control over all your assets

NextService benefits from its integration to NetSuite, accessing the complete inventory management system for onsite part deployment. Right from the start to finish of your project, this means your workforce will have complete accountability and access to real time information thanks to on site parts ordering, parts deployment and single view customer billing.

Implementing NextService as your service management solution, you will benefit from: 

1. Single Customer View 

Manage all your account services through the one dashboard view. Access all past and present information about your assets account from the single source, saving you time from having to search for the correct information.

2. Drag and Drop Scheduling Board

Customisable dashboard editing is a necessity to any service management tool – that’s why it’s one of NextService’s key features. With real time updates, table of icons for easy viewing and colour coding for tasks, NextService’s scheduling board is the tool you need for an effective and efficient workplace.

3. End to End Parts Management

Integrated with NetSuite, NextService connects to the complete inventory for essential parts deployment, parts return and immediate customer billing. On site customer signature ensures there is no delay in parts ordering or processing, ensuring a happy dispatcher and satisfied customer.

4. Mobile Device Application

Following the direction other mobile technologies are headed, cloud computing and 24/7 connectivity is the only path you should consider when looking for a complete asset management system. Research shows that 75% of cloud based mobile apps are represented by corporate user, often sharing data and working simultaneously on files despite different locations. NextService is one of these systems that revel in this technology, working perfectly on smartphone, tablet and laptop devices.

5. Complete Workforce Automation

Optimised for complete workplace automation, NextService does the grunt work for you. Equipped with its drag and drop scheduling board, all tasks and cases are automated for clear organisation across your entire team, eliminating the need to do it manually.

Conclusion: NextService is your first choice

NextService is the field service management choice for asset-based management. Giving you the first 360 view of your customer direct from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, it will effectively help you manage your workforce and automate your business for greater success.

NextService is part of the Klugo Group

NextService was developed out of the needs of a customer – Headland Machinery. Working closely with NetSuite, our development team created a Field Service Management system called NextService that was developed within the cloud based architecture of NetSuite. NextService is part of the Klugo Group, delivering professional services, software, and marketing services for an end-to-end solution to NetSuite customers.