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New Ventures and Happy Customers with MAXIEM Waterjet for Danny Pham

New Ventures and Happy Customers with MAXIEM Waterjet for Danny Pham

When the idea of starting a new business came to mind in late 2013, little did Danny Pham know just how wide the door for this new venture would swing open.

Primarily servicing the trucking industry with custom made alterations, Danny’s capabilities range across a wide scope of fabrication work in varied industries.

Now, with his investment in new Waterjet machining technology, the doors keep opening

“Since investing in the MAXIEM Waterjet last year, my business has grown substantially. I honestly didn’t expect success to this extent, and the Waterjet has helped me realise more capabilities for new markets.

“With the new machine, my labour costs are reduced which means I can then offer my customers a better price for the finished product.

“My business is all about keeping my customers happy. With the new Waterjet, I can design custom parts, and deliver on time. This is vital for my business because I rely on my reputation, and for existing customers to promote my expertise.”

Design possibilities on the MAXIEM Waterjet 1530 feeds creativity  

Already the owner of a pan brake, guillotine and various rolling equipment, the MAXIEM 1530 Waterjet from Headland rounds out Danny’s offerings for welding and fabrication projects.

“When I was looking for equipment to purchase, I chose Headland because of the quality they offer, both in machinery sales and service support.

“With the Waterjet, it’s great how any accessory can be easily added at a later date when my business grows or as demand dictates.

“The machine’s software features have also expanded my design capabilities and enhanced my creativity, so now, whatever signage or design on your truck you want, we can cut it on any material from stainless steel and all metals, to glass and plastics.”

Headland Service goes above and beyond  

“It’s great that Headland is a local business, because I don’t have to worry if breakdowns happen, no matter what time, day, night or weekend, and this is important for this type of equipment.

“My relationship with Anthony is great as he has always gone out of his way to support me. Funnily enough, we spent most of the last Australia Day together at my factory working through a problem. That’s what I call service commitment!”

Fantastic results for Danny Pham from the MAXIEM 1530 Waterjet investment
Fantastic results for Danny Pham from the MAXIEM 1530 Waterjet investment

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