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New Reliable End Milling Concept with the CoroMill Plura

New Reliable End Milling Concept with the CoroMill Plura

CoroMill Plura Heavy Duty (HD) is a completely new solid end milling concept, developed for removing large amounts of metal in a short amount of time and to provide the reliability needed for heavy roughing.

CoroMill Plura HD is the first choice solid roughing end mill for shoulder milling, full slot milling, ramping and helical interpolation in steel and stainless steel. It can also be used with cast iron and heat-resistant materials. The tools offer secure and reliable machining in a wide range of cutting parameters.

High process security and a long predictable tool life are essential in heavy roughing operations. The optimized flute shape was especially designed as a result of a Finite Element Analysis, and it assures effective chip evacuation when machining with a large depth of cut. This flute design also prevents re-cutting of chips and sudden tool breakage. By efficiently removing chips, full slot milling up to two times diameter with five teeth end mills is possible without compromising process security. Stainless steel end mills also benefit from internal coolant for maximum chip evacuation and temperature control.

The geometrical features and grades allow for exceptional metal removal rates and tool life. Two new grades have been developed; one for all-round conditions, preferably in dry machining, and one to deal with tough conditions and large engagements in wet machining. The tough face geometry is developed to cope with demanding ramping operations. Other features include differential pitch and cylindrical land to help minimize vibration and to provide predictable performance for reliable roughing.

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