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Case Study

NetSuite Transforms Laguna Tools’ Business Operation System


Laguna Tools, distributors of European and Asian woodworking equipment have moved over to the cloud through a collaboration with NetSuite ERP applications.

The cloud-based platform has transformed the way the company operates and it has ultimately allowed them to expand and improve a whole host of concerns they had previously.

Some of the benefits seen by the implementation of the new system are;

  • Cut the time and cost of shipping products

  • Expanded online sales

  • Live inventory updates

  • Eradicated the errors made by manual data entry

  • Simple and secure backup and recovery plan

NetSuite has solved many problems that was holding the company back; one in particular was their backup process, Catherine Helshoj, Vice President of Laguna Tools said, “I used to locate boxes of tapes so we could back-up our software”.

If you are a warehouse distributor, it is essential that your software works and is easy and efficient keeping your business running smoothly. For Laguna Tools, NetSuite provided the perfect solution.

“You can automate your processes, automate your marketing and automate virtually everything with NetSuite…we have a great dashboard, visibility and management tools. It really streamlined our operations and increased efficiency. If you want to emulate the Fortune 500 – they’re in the cloud. With NetSuite we can have a very affordable, very seamless system compared to what the big guys pay.” Helshoj says.


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