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NETSTAL’s PET-LINE technology revolutionises plastic packaging industry with unmatched energy efficiency


NETSTAL PET-LINE technology has gained significant attention in the plastic packaging industry due to its energy consumption advantages. PET bottles have been around for 50 years and over 500 billion PET bottles are consumed globally. NETSTAL has been a technology pioneer in PET machinery and delivered the first injection molding machines to produce PET preforms already 40 years ago. Their engineers were able to set and help shape many standards that are now indispensable. Headland Technology is excited about the partnership with NETSTAL to bring the most advanced PET technology to Australian and New Zealand customers. 

PET plastic bottles more sustainable than aluminium or glass

The PET bottle is an environmentally friendly choice due to its excellent material properties, low CO2 emissions in manufacturing, and 100% recyclability. With the increasing use of recycled PET (rPET) in bottle production, the closed material cycle for plastic packaging has become a reality. In many regions, the majority of collected bottles are recycled into clean and food-grade virgin material, which is then used to create new PET bottles. NETSTAL’s engineers have developed ground-breaking technologies such as the two-stage injection unit, intrusion and automatic metering, and the fully integrated post-mold-cooling unit.

Higher output with lower energy requirements

During the field test phase, the new PET-LINE was compared with machines from other manufacturers. Field test customers used existing injection molds and post-cooling stations. In some cases, significant differences were found between the existing machines in the customer’s production and the new PET-LINE.

The following graph shows an existing 96-cavity mold that was run with the same material and the same dryer. The diagram clearly shows the energy savings of the new PET-LINE (blue) compared to the competitor machine (orange). Energy consumption has been reduced by 20-25% with the new PET-LINE, while cycle time has been shortened – as evidenced by the increased material throughput. The field test customer increased productivity with lower electricity costs.

NETSTAL has implemented a range of measures to achieve considerable energy savings. Their latest generation of drives and inverters, along with the electric, spindle-free toggle lever and adaptive control, have all played a crucial role in this success. These advancements not only save energy but also contribute to a more sustainable manufacturing process.

Smart technology ensures optimal production

Thanks to the adaptive regulation technology, the PET-LINE machine can independently adjust parameters to optimise the manufacturing process. One impressive feature is its ability to learn the weight of the mounted removal gripper and automatically optimise travel movements for faster removal. Additionally, the PET-LINE can estimate the weight of the mounted mold and optimise movement time for optimal opening and closing. This ensures that the drives are always equally loaded, resulting in high efficiency and greater power yield compared to systems from other manufacturers.

NETSTAL’s injection molding machine has fast cycle times, high preform output, and simple operation with automatic optimization and SMART OPERATION. New operators can operate multiple lines independently without printed instructions.

With the implementation of these measures, the new PET-LINE consistently operates at its best, and is compatible with molds and End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) from many different suppliers. There is no need for chipped tools or EOAT with RFID to achieve maximum performance on this new PET LINE.

Positive market feedback

Both the successfully completed field tests and the good introduction phase of the new PET-LINE with side discharge make NETSTAL thoroughly positive. Thus, the good compatibility with existing molds, low energy consumption in combination with low AA values and fast cycle times were attested from all sides. Sensitive material combinations up to 100% rPET or colours and additives are processed stably and gently within a large process window and even in partial load operation.

Ready to experience the power of the new PET-LINE for yourself?

Consider NETSTAL’s PET-LINE if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient manufacturing solution. Our injection molding expert is here to answer any questions and to help you find the right solution for your needs.


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