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Nakamura-Tome CNC Open House Review

Nakamura-Tome CNC Open House Review

Headland recently held its CNC Open House showcasing the Nakamura-Tome WT-300.

A world leader in manufacturer of high quality, hand built CNC lathes and multi function machines, each Nakamura-Tome machine is hand built, providing an unequalled level of quality, accuracy and reliability.

Attendees of both the morning and afternoon sessions were treated to an overview presentation of the Nakamura-Tome range, and had the opportunity to see the WT-300 in action.

Featured machine: WT-300 

  • True twin spindle, twin turret design. Either turret can be working on each spindle simultaneously
  •  Both turrets can work on the either spindle simultaneously.
  •  Best utilization of twin spindle machine.
  •  Bar Capacity up to 102mm
  •  Max Turning Length 780mm
  •  Twin turret can reduce cycle time
  •  Balanced cutting on each spindle

Inside the WT-300 

  • Construction of true twin spindle machine (WT-300)
  •  Left spindle is fixed, right spindle travels
  •  Second spindle has its own dedicated Z-axis
Internal view of the Nakamura-Tome WT-300
Internal view of the Nakamura-Tome WT-300

“Overall, the CNC Open House was a success, and the perfect opportunity to showcase the most innovative machine technology Headland has to offer,” said Jason Theobald, Headland’s Nakamura-Tome go-to-man.

Watch Jason explain the WT-300 himself   

For more information on the WT-300 or complete Nakamura-Tome range of CNC machinery, contact Headland on 1300 592 061