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Miniature Engine Block – Super NTMX

Miniature Engine Block – Super NTMX

Twin ATC Multitasking B-Axis Lathe

Nakamura Tome Super NTMX is a multi-function turning centre and milling machine for the production of complex parts in one easy set-up.

The Super NTMX comes with a combination of lathe (with a lower turret), a 5-axis machining center and a milling head (with B-axis stroke 190° (+ / -95°) at 12,000 rpm) spindle. The NTMX also comes with two tool magazines (with 24 stations each) and a lower turret that holds 24 extra tools.

The ability to work simultaneously on 5 axes makes this machine particularly attractive for companies looking at machining complex parts in the medical, aerospace and energy industries.

What can be Achieved?

Click and drag the image below to see a full 360º view of a miniature engine block created by the Nakamura-Tome Super NTMX. Pieces like this can be set to run automatically with the help – in this case – of an automatic bar feeder.

“No other processes where used to produce this part

Stock Machine

We have a fully operational Super NTMX available for cutting trials at our Burwood showroom. For more information call 1300 592 061 or marketing@headland.com.au

Nakamura-Tome Super NTMX
Nakamura-Tome Super NTMX – Now Ready for Cutting Trials



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Namakura-Tome Super NTMX

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