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MJB Engineering Expand with OMAX Waterjet

MJB Engineering Expand with OMAX Waterjet

We recently spoke with Mick Broughton from MJB Engineering about his decision to expand his business with the help of an OMAX Maxiem waterjet.

Established in 1987 MJB Engineering have expertise in machining stainless steel, aluminium fabrication, welding and pressing. They have CNC machinery and a OMAX Maxiem waterjet machines to meet various customer cutting requirements.

With currently four employees, they focus on their areas and industries of expertise of cutting stainless steel and aluminum. Mainly servicing businesses within the area “it’s all about relationships as much of our work is by word of mouth. I’ve worked all around Australia so I know a lot of key players in the industry, however, it’s all about the last job you did and how well you did it” says Mick.

“We are good at keeping our existing customers happy, we tend to have a faster turnaround time than our main competitors, so I think that’s what keeps companies coming back to us, they can rely on us to meet their deadlines.

“We recently purchased a waterjet machine to expand the materials we can cut, we can basically cut any material now including glass up to 150mm thick very accurately. It will really open up new markets for us and help us service existing ones better.

“In addition to our waterjet, we also have a 220 tonne press brake, a small lathe and all associated welders. Previous to this OMAX Maxiem Waterjet Machine we had another brand of waterjet, we had it for over 12 months, but it just wasn’t doing the job.

“We’re glad to have moved to OMAX and with Headland service, the service has been ten out of ten, never had to wait, always sorted us out as quick as possible.”

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