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Unlock the Potential of 3D with a Mimaki Printer

Unlock the Potential of 3D with a Mimaki Printer

With the 3D Mimaki printer (3DUJ-553), you can create photorealistic, full-colour 3D prints. There are over 10 million colours and water-soluble support materials available. Ideal for applications where colour accuracy and fine detail are crucial. Create full-colour models and prototypes with unmatched quality.

Three Ways the Mimaki Printer can Help You:

Simple Post-processing

Everything that happens after printing is easy. You can rinse products with a scrub. All you need is a bucket of water and the support material will dissolve away. Other machines use risky blasting or high chemical processing. The Mimaki ensures risk mitigation and management and significant time savings.

Robust Parts

Use material straight out of the printer. The material is strong and does not break like plaster base materials. You can use parts straight out of the printer.


You can add texture to a product, adding leather for example, to the surface of the 3D model.

Amazing detail is possible with the 20-micron layer thickness of the Mimaki printer. Subtle colour gradients are no problem at all.


In the below video, Adam Savage shares a detailed, anatomical model 3D printed with the Mimaki. Their striking detail, fidelity, and translucent parts are remarkable.

Key Points

  • Over 10 million colour combinations are available.
  • Layer thickness settings include 19, 22, 32 or 42 microns. 
  • Water-soluble support material.
  • Clear ink for transparent and translucent effects. High-opacity white for accurate colour reproduction.
  • Dual UV-LED curing lamps.
  • Customisable device output ICC profiles with optional Mimaki Profile Master 3 (MPM3) software.
  • Includes Mimaki 3DLink and Printer Driver software.
  • Waveform Control
  • Variable Dot Technology
  • Nozzle Check Unit
  • Mimaki Circulation Technology