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5 Ways to Maintain Your Metal Laser Cutter

5 Ways to Maintain Your Metal Laser Cutter

How to Successfully Maintain Your Metal Laser Cutter

It’s not difficult to take care of your metal laser cutter. Maintenance and quality parts will help ensure its longevity. Here are a few tips to maintain your TRUMPF laser cutting machine.

1. Pure air sources.

Your TRUMPF metal laser cutter uses assist gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, or compressed air. If using shop air as the assist gas, it must be pure with zero moisture. Clean lines are also important. Check your air pressure and filters on a regular basis. Otherwise, this may alter your machine’s performance, productivity, and working life.

2. Chiller performance review.

Remember to check your TRUMPF metal laser cutter’s chiller temperature. Changes in the temperature of your machine while in use can cause issues. Clean the condenser coils and filters often. The chiller may need additives and chemicals.

3. Correct gas delivery.

If you are using CO2 machines, apply soapy water to the resonator gas bottles when they are changed. This will alert you to a leak before it becomes problematic.

4. Check your TRUMPF’s optics.

After servicing your TRUMPF metal laser cutter’s optics, remember to return them to OEM specifications. Otherwise, it may alter beam quality, cutting performance, and optic lifespan.

5. A clean machine.

Look after every part of your TRUMPF metal laser cutter so it stays productive and consistent. This includes cleaning its processing areas, drawers, slats, and pallet ways. Remove all dust, dirt, and grease.

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