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Top Three FAQ About Our Metal Laser Cutter

Top Three FAQ About Our Metal Laser Cutter

Here are 3 common questions (and our responses) about our TRUMPF metal laser cutter.

1. Why is there an automatic nozzle changer on metal laser cutters?

The laser beam and cutting gas meet your workpiece through the one of TRUMPF’s range of high-precision nozzles. Choosing the right nozzle and ensuring it is in excellent condition is essential to your part’s quality. This also assists your processes productivity. Automatic nozzle changers are critical. You can leave your machine running. When your machine requires a new, or different cutting nozzle, this can occur without operator involvement. With 21 nozzle locations in the changer, each nozzle can be different meaning you can have maximum process flexibility. The nozzles screw into the cutting head and centre perfectly on the precisely machined surfaces. The nozzles are self-centreing and require less tape shots. Plus, a camera in the nozzle changer is scans the nozzle surface for scratches, etc which would otherwise cause poor quality cutting.

2. Why is watercool cutting required?

CoolLine is the water-cooled cutting function in our TRUMPF metal laser cutter. When cutting thicker components (16 mm+), the laser energy absorbs into the part as heat. Heat causes the properties in the material to change, thus impacting cut quality. CoolLine keeps the material cool, thus overcoming this problem. It enables the machine to cut very thin webs, nest the parts together closely, and achieve sharp, intricate details. The water evaporates once the cutting process ends.

3. How can we automate the process?

To future-proof your factory, automate your machines with systems and software. TRUMPF offers many modular automation components. From semi-automatic loading to a complete, automated machine including connection to storage.

  • Loading: This is the automatic supply of raw sheets to your machine.
  • LoadMaster: This is the automatic, quick method of loading material. You need less staff and experience max. process reliability.
  • Loading and unloading: The automatic loading of your machine and unloading cut sheets.
  • LiftMaster Compact: For dynamic, variable, fast sheet processing times.
  • LiftMaster Linear Basic: The slim option for automated loading and unloading of sheets.
  • Loading, unloading, sorting, and auxiliary pallet operation: Load, unload and separate completed parts from your scrap skeleton.
  • LiftMaster: Loading, unloading, handling pallets, as well as removal of parts.
  • LiftMaster Linear: Loads and unloads sheets, through a linear axis, for a total of 3 machines and up to 6 tool stations.
  • Sorting: The automatic sorting component sorts small and large parts.
  • SortMaster: Takes out, sorts, and stacks cut finished parts. This means automatic operation of your machine when connected with the LiftMaster. Smart, safe and reliable manufacturing on-demand, at any time of the day or night.
  • Auxiliary pallet operation: Automated pallet changes and compact storage technology. Flexible material handling at any time.
  • PalletMaster Tower: The affordable way to start unmonitored production. The compact multiple pallet changer combines automatic pallet changing with compact storage technology. It can store up to 20 pallets of various materials. This includes complete automatic processing.

An automated production process offers transparency and efficiency. Your employees can focus more on their job which keeps everyone motivated. Your customers can also rely on you as a dependable supplier.

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