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How to reap the benefits of a smart factory and data driven manufacturing


MaxiTRANS have combined the power of a smart factory and data driven manufacturing to improve material flow and machine productivity across their supply chain.

Smart factories merge the digital and physical realms to oversee the entire production process, from order processing to shop floor operations to invoicing. The Headland Smart Factory consultants utilise a structured approach to analyse your factory operations, focusing on four main areas – Information Flow, Material Management, Manufacturing Processes, and Software Systems. Using our proven techniques, we can comprehensively assess and enhance every aspect of your manufacturing business, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

The investment in new technologies can be readily justified by quantifying the benefits of cost savings, quality improvements, safety benefits and increased capabilities.  By following a structured process of analysis and planning, the most complex investment strategy can be defined and quantified.  This process can be applied to any sized project, whether you operate a small business, medium-sized company or a large corporation.

Transform your factory into a smart factory with our expert consultants. By utilising our proven methodology, we can help you to optimise your operations and help you unlock the full potential of your factory.

About MaxiTRANS

MaxiTRANS has been a prominent player in the transport industry for over 75 years, having consistently delivered safe, efficient and reliable transport solutions to their customers. With an extensive sales and service network across Australia, they are constantly pushing the frontiers of road freight solutions. As a well-known manufacturer and supplier of high-quality semi-trailer equipment, offering leading trailer brands such as Freighter, Maxi-CUBE, Lusty EMS, Hamelex White, Trout River and AZMEB, MaxiTRANS serves many industries including Transport and Logistics, Fresh Produce, Food and Beverage, Building and Construction, Agriculture and Natural Resources.

For more information: www.maxitrans.com

Industrial businesses of any size should embrace the benefits of smart factory

Brad Givvens, General Manager Advanced Manufacturing, MaxiTRANS says:

“Regardless of the scale of a business, the ability to generate vast amounts of data creates a common challenge.  The key lies in effectively analysing and utilising this data to drive increased factory efficiency. By demonstrating that we can implement new equipment and systems, and integrate these with our existing business landscape, Headland and TRUMPF have clearly defined the path forward for MaxiTRANS. At MaxiTRANS, we are proud of our history and the products we manufacture.  The investment in the TRUMPF equipment and systems along with our partnership with Headland will help us to secure our long-term future.”

Analysis of material flow, information flow and machine productivity at MaxiTRANS

Analysis of the MaxiTRANS sheet metal operations was completed in several steps. Starting with the current state, the TRUMPF and Headland team focussed on the existing information flow, material flow and manufacturing processes. The analysis utilised proven methodologies such as swim lane analyses, spaghetti diagrams of material and information flow, multi-moment studies and material utilisation studies to define the existing processes and interactions within the business. The team was able to identify clear areas for improvement in process efficiencies, production order transparency, material flow and equipment productivity.

The next step was to recommend improvements in these areas:

      • By identifying media breaks across different departments (Sales, Procurement, Engineering, Manufacturing), the team could define specific improvements to ensure transparency in production orders
      • Visibility of production orders to all departments will result in improved planning and execution
      • Optimisation of material flow between manufacturing processes will drive efficiency and help to reduce working capital
      • Transparency of equipment utilisation will allow effective production planning and provide the data to drive investment for future growth

To realise the above improvements, specific solutions have been recommended.

An IT landscape project scope was created for the factory, starting from design & engineering, through the production process to sub-assemblies.

Integral to this approach has been the implementation of the TRUMPF CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) & MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software systems. TruTops BOOST and OSEON offer a number of features that enhance factory operations, including:

      • Visibility and control over production orders and material requirements
      • Advanced planning and scheduling capabilities
      • Shop floor data collection and analysis, including real-time monitoring of machine performance, quality data, and labour productivity.
      • Real-time tracking of inventory levels, with automated material replenishment
      • Optimized production scheduling, enabling streamlined inventory management and waste reduction

Utilisation of these features will enable MaxiTRANS to create and manage detailed production plans, optimize production schedules and track progress in real-time, resulting in a reduction of lead times and improved on-time delivery performance. By integrating this data with the existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, a comprehensive overview of the entire manufacturing process can be generated, enabling MaxiTRANS to make data-driven decisions to realise increased productivity, improved efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Further utilisation of these Smart Factory tools will also enable MaxiTRANS to perform detailed analyses of their new manufacturing processes, to further increase productivity and efficiency, drive Continuous Improvement initiatives and build the foundations for future business growth.

For the future

At Headland Technology, we believe that the key to long-term success for manufacturing companies is in data-driven processes using Industry 4.0 standards. By implementing advanced equipment and technology solutions like TruTops BOOST and OSEON, we can help companies optimise their production processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Our team works closely with clients to develop and implement processes that are aligned with their machine and software requirements. With our guidance and the right technology and support, companies can develop a transparent and productive factory environment that is well-positioned for long-term success.

Are you interested in learning more about Smart Factories and how Headland Technology can help you get there?

The Headland team offers comprehensive consulting services with a data-driven approach to analyse your manufacturing processes. We specialise in the TRUMPF software environment (TruTops BOOST and OSEON) and have experience in integration with many ERP systems.  With our proven track record, we can help companies of any size embrace the potential of Smart Factory solutions for long-lasting success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you on your digital transformation journey.

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