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Manufacturers are Choosing to Work with Kaltenbach and OMAX

Manufacturers are Choosing to Work with Kaltenbach and OMAX

Headland’s complete machinery range offers a number of different products that provide excellent efficiency and precision suitable for a vast number of industries.

Headland’s new partnership with Kaltenbach along with our long established relationship with OMAX offers manufacturers supporting the construction industry a variety of machinery that ensures they can get the job done with accuracy.


Kaltenbach is the machining brand you need to turn to when when servicing the building and construction industry.

With a vast range of machines for different tasks, Kaltenbach pride themselves on creating high-quality and powerful machines that are reliable with long term assurance.

The range of machines include band saws, circular saws, plate processing centres, profile drilling machines and welding robots.

Kaltenbach machines are used widely within the construction sector as they reliably cut steel in various shapes and lengths.

Anthony Mitchell, Sales Executive for Headland says Kaltenbach machines are widely used in the industry because of their technical knowledge and experience.

“Kaltenbach have been helping the steel and construction Industry for over 100 years with Innovative machinery,” Anthony says.

The steel and construction industries are a main focus for Kaltenbach, and the technology is adaptable for both building and steel construction.

“Two examples of today’s versatile cutting edge technology serving this area are the KF series and the KD series machines,” Anthony says.

“The KF series plate processing machines, offer faster cycle times with multiple options from gas or plasma cutting, drilling, dual head, punching and scribing with the latest custom nesting software reducing waste,

“This enables customers to process plate complete in one setup in the fastest possible time,” he says.

Kaltenbach is synonymous with innovation, diligence and dedication to their customers, and Headland is proud to welcome a new partnership with the German brand.



Abrasive Waterjet cutting technology has been around for many years and has been a go-to method for accurate cutting in the construction industry.

With its precision cutting and versatility to cut a number of different materials like titanium and aluminium, waterjet technology is allowing industry leaders to produce materials accurately and effectively.

Abrasive waterjet technology not only is economically friendly and cost effective but can be used to perform a variety of different tasks. Not only does it cut but it also removes rivets from railway bridges and it’s also an effective method to strip paint.

Patrick Turpin, Sales Executive from OMAX says, the waterjet is the appropriate machine to cut a variety materials for a number of different jobs.

“Abrasive waterjet cutting is an excellent process for architectural applications because if you can conceive it, then the Abrasive waterjet can machine it: they can cut almost any material up to 150mm thick, with minimal burrs and no discolouration or heat distortion.

“For example, an Abrasive waterjet can be used to cut marble kitchen counters, as well as mild steel railing for banisters; it can also be used to cut mirrors for bathrooms and stainless steel backsplashes,” he says.

Waterjet technology is perfect for the fabrication, architecture and construction industries as it allows you to scan a drawing and develop data to cut the part out immediately. The Machine has the flexibility for material changes and can cut complex and intricate shapes perfect for the demanding architectural fabrication industry.

The OMAX Maxiem 1530, is leading the way in waterjet technology. It can cut any material quickly and precisely, maximising profitability. It also comes with a rigid tank design to handle common plate sizes with room to spare.


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