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Relocate Vertical Storage, Sheet Metal, Waterjet and CNC Machines with Headland

Relocate Vertical Storage, Sheet Metal, Waterjet and CNC Machines with Headland

If you need to relocate your machines including Vertical Storage, Waterjet, Sheet Metal or CNC machines, we can help.

You might be moving factories, or expanding your business through acquisition or merger, our Headland team have the knowledge to help you.

What machines can we move?

We can help relocate several types of machines, right across our portfolio. These include; Hanel Vertical Storage machines, OMAX waterjet machines, CNC Machines, the entire range of TRUMPF machines. We can also relocate machine brands we don’t sell.

Why Headland?

  • If we have sold you the machine, we’ll know the extensive history of the machine, servicing, spare parts etc.
  • We understand the technology.
  • We have the equipment required for safely moving your machine.
  • We have the spare parts and consumables for supporting the move.
  • We also have the knowledge to refurbish the machine when it arrives onsite. This will add to the life of the machine. Older machines will have parts, water pipes or hoses that need to be replaced as they break down and corrode. We can change these and upgrade them to give longer life to the machine.
  • When machines are moved the details of the new location need to be updated with the supplier. This verification process can he managed by Headland.
  • Thankfully we are Australia-wide and we have the team and skills required to organise the entire project for you.

What’s involved;

  • An extensive project plan.
  • More is involved in relocations than a new install. We plan out the decommission and recommission.
  • Plan the move out.
  • Plan the move in.
  • We can manage the machine logistics or you can deal direct.

If you’d like to know more about what’s involved simply fill in your request below or call our service team on 1300 138 285.