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Case Study

Lovitt Technologies is at the Forefront of the Aerospace Industry

Lovitt Technologies is at the Forefront of the Aerospace Industry

Why the Makino T1 was the prefect choice for Lovitt Technologies

For a manufacturer, technology is an essential part of making your work the best it can be. For a manufacturer in the aerospace industry, every piece that needs to be processed has to be extremely precise and to a standard that is acceptable.

Lovitt Technologies is at the forefront of the aerospace industry, producing high quality manufactured parts for Boeing. When it came to buying the right machine to produce a high-quality part it was the Makino T1 that was selected.

“When we started the machine buying process, there were years of research involved. It was widely believed that going ahead with the Makino T1 would be a real game changer; this type of machine in our employees hands would be hard to beat from an overseas competition point of view,” Manufacturing Director Bruce Ramsay said.

To ensure that their customers are satisfied with their product, Lovitt Technologies have made sure that they have the best machines possible. The Makino T1 has given the company a new advantage and Mr Ramsay couldn’t be happier.

“The Makino T1 will help Lovitt continue their work in the aerospace industry. Lovitt’s stringent testing and high safety standards ensure their parts are shipped straight into the planes the parts are made for. Every part has to be perfect, clean and ready to be installed as soon as it’s unpacked.”

As the transport industry continues to expand and new technology begins to make theie way onto the market, we will start seeing better productivity and efficiency as well as growing businesses taking on the biggest and the best projects requiring Australian workmanship and know-how.